After Queen Elizabeth’s death, what will happen to her Corgi now ?

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth and corgis

Queen Elizabeth loved her dogs, her dogs had always had their room inside the official residence of the sovereign nicknamed the Corgi Room.

Over her 96 years of life, Queen Elizabeth II has shown a passion for the corgi, a dog breed that the British monarch had brought “success” in making a real trend.

After the announcement of Queen Elizabeth’s death, many have wondered what the future of her four-legged friends will be that, over the decades, the former ruler had raised with passion and dedication for 14 generations.

“She loves animals and loves dogs. She always has; they were her first love for her and will be her last love,” a royal family expert told Newsweek.

Queen Elizabeth has owned more than 30 corgis throughout her life, reaching a maximum of 9 at a time.

The first, Dooki , had arrived at the palace in 1933, when the then Princess Elizabeth (who was seven years old at the time) received it as a gift from her father (King George VI), giving way to a passion that then accompanied the sovereign throughout his life.

From Dookie to Candy and then to Susan and Spark, the queen had never been without a four-legged friend at her side, which makes us understand how fond the sovereign was to have these animals running from one wing to another of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth’s death and Corgis

In reality, according to what British royal expert Victoria Arbiter reported to The Independent, Elizabeth II’s dogs had always had their room inside the official residence of the sovereign nicknamed the Corgi Room, where the animals slept in baskets of wicker raised by the sheets that were changed every day, being looked after directly by the queen herself. Their extensive menu included fresh rabbit and beef, prepared by a gourmet chef.

On December 25th, the queen gave each of her dogs a sock full of toys and sweets, celebrating Christmas day with them.

Although, at the moment, there is still nothing specific, as stated by Arbiter, the three corgi dogs that the queen currently owned will be entrusted to the care of another member of the royal family where, in pole position for “adoption,” there would be King Charles III and his wife Camilla or William and Kate, recently appointed as the new princes of Wales.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | LivNews24

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