The Italian judge points to Raquel Sánchez Silva in the sentence for the Mario Biondo’s death

Raquel Sánchez Silva

Raquel Sánchez Silva is suspected of having something to do with the death of the young man for the Italian justice

The Italian judge points to Raquel Sánchez Silva in the sentence for the death of Mario Biondo

Little by little, more details about the radical turn that the case of Mario Biondo ‘s death has taken are becoming known .

And from Italy suspicions point to his widow, the presenter Raquel Sánchez Silva .

The origin of the case dates back to nine years ago.

It was in May 2013 when the photographer Mario Biondo was found dead hanging from a shelf in the home he shared with his wife, Raquel Sánchez Silva , located on Calle Magdalena in Madrid .

The case of Mario Biondo is reopened in Italy
After some investigations, the Police deduced that it had been a suicide, since they would not have found signs of violence that would suggest another hypothesis, and it was decided to close the case in Spain .

In Italy , however, things were different.

It is true that the case was also about to be dismissed, but Mario ‘s family filed an appeal with the Superior Court of Appeals of Palermo in October 2020 , providing two expert reports.

And it is that the parents of Mario, Santina d’Alessandro and Giusseppe Biondo.

They never believed that their son committed suicide.

In this sense, they always believed that their daughter-in-law, Raquel, had something to do with it.

Especially after the presenter rebuilt her life a few months later with Matías Dumont , with whom she currently has two children.

Two seven-year-old twins.

Going back to the reports, one was made by the criminologist Óscar Tarruella , while the other was made by Italian professionals.

And both agreed that it could have been a homicide.

Mario Biondo
Mario Biondo and Raquel Sánchez Silva | LivNews24

Raquel Sanchez Silva: Suspicion falls

Thus, the Palermo Prosecutor’s Office has decided to reopen the case by providing a different version to the one given in Spain .

In Italy it is considered that there is evidence to consider that the death of Mario Biondo was a premeditated murder.

And media such as Informalia assure Raquel Sánchez Silva “has been singled out by the Italian judge.”

This same medium ensures that the alleged suspect is calm.

And that he prefers to remain silent because it is the best way to “keep the honor of Mario Biondo intact .”

It should be said that Biondo ‘s family hopes that the investigation will also be reopened in Spain.

“The contradictions contained in the statements of Biondo ‘s widow should have induced the Spanish investigators to carry out wiretaps to determine the truth of the facts,” Santina had declared .

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