Rege-Jean Page’s goodbye to “Bridgerton”: Eager for new adventures

Regé-Jean Page
Regé-Jean Page

The former Duke of Hastings Regé-Jean Page has no regrets about saying goodbye to the TV series streaming on Netflix, as he is eager for new and stimulating adventures.

Although in our hearts, Regé-Jean Page will remain the Duke of Hastings admired in Bridgerton for a long time, the 34-year-old actor has long since turned the page, giving an apparent change to his career.

Since moving away from the TV series with Phoebe Dynevor and Jonathan Bailey, Regé has not only starred in “The Gray Man” alongside Ana De Armas, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans but will also be among the stars of the highly anticipated Dungeons & Dragons – The honour of the thieves, a film released on March 3, 2023, in which the cast also includes Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez and Hugh Grant.

Instagram post shared by Regé-Jean Page

In the future of the 34-year-old actor who appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, however, there is not only the feature film inspired by the famous role-playing game D&D because, according to the latest rumours circulating in Hollywood, Page would also be among the most credited for playing the new James Bond after Daniel Craig’s farewell.

Despite the competition from the likes of Henry Cavill and Idris Elba, it seems that the next James Bond could be the former Bridgerton star who, in a recent interview, appears to have proved the idea of being the next secret agent ever.

“There are many things that people do not know and that continue to be” ongoing “, but which will then be said,” he told L’officiel Regé Page, remaining a bit vague but being careful not to break the news ( and this, in itself, is no small detail). Could Regé -Jean be the new Bond?

Regé-Jean Page: The future James Bond

During the interview, the actor also returned to talk about the goodbye to Bridgerton, reiterating that his presence had always been anticipated for season 1 of the TV series streaming on Netflix.

“I am never particularly impatient to do what I just did, although this is the trend of the film industry,” said Regé-Jean Page of Simon Basset’s absence from Bridgerton 2.

“I became an actor as this offers me the power to expand the limits of my experience and move to new places that you can’t in real life, but also to be able to share that adventure with an audience that might never meet physically,” continued 34-year-old Regé – Jean Page.

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