Rocío Carrasco, unmasked: another victim like Carlota Corredera pulls the blanket

Rocío Carrasco

From the media family of Rocío Jurado they attack Rocío Carrasco for her statements in her documentary

The statements made by Rocío Carrasco in the documentary ‘ In the name of Rocío’ , sequel to the docuseries ‘ Rocío: telling the truth to stay alive’ , continue to raise blisters.

Rocío Jurado ‘s media family has been singled out.

But several members of the family have decided not to sit idly by.

One of them is Amador Mohedano , brother of ‘the greatest’.

It is known that Rocío Carrasco ‘s uncle is preparing a documentary to be broadcast on YouTube in which he explains his version of the events told by Carrasco .

A documentary to which, as we have already told you in this medium, Rocío Flores has given up leaving.

Rosario Mohedano responds to Rocío Carrasco
But Amador is not the only one who will speak out.

The one who has already done so is the daughter of Rosa Benito and Amador Mohedano , Rosario Mohedano , has also said hers.

She has done it on social networks.

He has posted two images in the stories of his Instagram account in which texts appear that charge against Rociíto.

Rocío Carrasco

Words with which he unmasks the ex-wife of Antonio David Flores in some of his stories.

“Now she is interested in pardoning La Fábrica, already with a sentence of sentence with proven facts since June 13 and they will soon fall for the Deluxe case…

Well, she will see, She has preferred to attack her family and lie even about me every time she He has named me”, begins Rosario .

“His words from her were: ‘Cousin, if you believe that, you don’t know me (Well, no, I don’t know you). At the time you have recognized that it was true.

They’ve had to churn her insides all these years,” she adds.

In addition, she points out that it was Rocío who opposed her performing in the tribute to Rocío Jurado : “There it will go down in history, not only that time but all the ones I sang with my aunt, since I am the person who has sung the most with her and without charging, because I’m going to say something: all the artists put expenses of 12,000 to 25,000 euros and her mother, that is to say my aunt, wanted to give me the dress that I took out singing with her, “concludes Rosario .

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