Rocío Carrasco, caught deleting key photos of Rocío Jurado’s life now

Rocío Jurado

Rocío Carrasco takes on a very important part of her mother’s life in the museum dedicated to ‘the greatest’

Rocío Carrasco takes on a very important part of her mother’s life in the museum dedicated to ‘the greatest’.

Amador Mohedano continues to work on his documentary.

The one who is recording in response to the words that Rocío Carrasco has poured on her person and part of Rocío Jurado ‘s media family in the docuseries ‘In the name of Rocío’, a sequel to ‘Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive ‘.

One of the fragments of Mohedano ‘s documentary takes place in the museum dedicated to ‘the greatest’ and that he has finally gone to visit.

It should be remembered that Carrasco did not invite anyone from his mother’s media family, whom he urged to buy a ticket if they wanted to see it.

Amador Mohedano visits the museum dedicated to his sister, Rocío Jurado

A visit in which Amador has been moved.

Especially since he also worked on the creation of the space.

“Many memories came to me and I couldn’t contain myself. I put up with the guy as long as I could…” Mohedano points out in the images of the documentary, which will be broadcast on YouTube soon.

“The truth is that the years in which I have been there working and carrying out my sister’s dream… It was a labyrinth of thoughts. I came down. The museum is very good. 85% of what I had installed has been maintained. I always said that I had two months to finish it, it was what I had left, ”she points out.

Rocío Carrasco
Rocío Carrasco | livnews24

Mohedano points to Rocío Carrasco for eliminating a key part of Rocío Jurado’s life
However, Amador regrets that Rocío Carrasco has deleted some key photos of her mother’s life.

Specifically, those that have to do with her marriage to José Ortega Cano , with whom she was married between 1995 and 2006, the year in which the singer died.

There is no trace of the right-hander.

“Part of the story is missing. Ortega Cano is not there, neither his grandchildren nor his brothers. They should be there”, says Amador Mohedano .

And it is that the museum only contains photos, documents and objects of Rocío Jurado until 1995 , ignoring what happened after the former bullfighter became part of the artist’s life.

A detail that has deeply bothered the one who was the representative of Jurado.

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