Rocío Carrasco unleashes “repulsion”, “disgust” and “shame”, the untold story

Rocío Jurado

The last story of Rocío Carrasco in her documentary provokes animosity among the followers of Fidel Albiac’s wife

Rocío Carrasco has continued to attack her mother’s media family in the last broadcast episode of the documentary series ‘ In the name of Rocío’ , sequel to ‘ Rocío: tell the truth to stay alive’ .

And Rocío Carrasco, in her latest statements, recounts some events that occurred in Houston that have generated “repulsion”, “disgust” and “shame” among the followers of Fidel Albiac ‘s wife .

It all happened when Rocío Jurado was in Houston being treated for the cancer she was suffering from.

From the outset, she revealed that she and Fidel paid for the trip to the United States , but that the displacement of Amador Mohedano , Gloria Camila , José Antonio , José and Rosa was paid for by her mother.

Rocío Carrasco
Rocío Carrasco | LivNews24

Amador , Gloria , José Antonio , José and Rosa asked Rocío Jurado for money in Houston

In any case, he explained that the stay did not cost any money, since they were staying in the house of a Mexican couple.

“I have immense affection for them and I am eternally grateful for everything they did for us,” commented Rociíto .

Likewise, she also explained that she and Fidel went out shopping with their money.

However, “my mother gave the others the money.”

And they even asked Rocío Jurado for money for gasoline. “

Fernando (the owner of the apartment) left us a car that was a source of disagreement.

José Antonio and Gloria asked my mother for money for gasoline”, cataloging these attitudes as “grotesque”.

She “she ordered money to be taken out, she had a little bag where she had the keys and bills. It was a situation that seemed Dantesque to me. She from a hospital bed distributing money… A very ugly situation”, Rocío Carrasco recounted .

“There was one day that my aunt wanted the car for I don’t know what for and I told José Antonio to leave us at the hospital and then he would keep the car, no problem. The next day they asked me for the money for that trip, ”she added.

A situation that Rocío defined as “very rare, very grotesque and very disgusting”.

Some qualifiers similar to those that she has generated in the networks among her followers regarding Amador , Gloria , José Antonio and company.

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