Rocío Carrasco’s photo that leaves her in a very bad place now

Rocío Carrasco

They dismantle one of the stories of Rocío Carrasco in her documentary series

The latest installment of the documentary ‘ In the name of Rocío’ , sequel to ‘ Rocio: tell the truth to stay alive’ , Rocío Carrasco makes a heartbreaking story about how Rocio Jurado ‘s stay in Houston was, when her media family went to visit her .

Although Glora Camila , Amador Mohedano and company are not the only ones who receive.

However, recently published photos cast doubt on part of her story.

According to Rocío Carrasco, it was ‘the largest’ that paid for the displacement of Mohedano and company when they traveled to Houston .

In addition, they asked Rocío Jurado, caught deleting key photos of Rocío Jurado’s life nowrado for the money for the food they bought and even for the gasoline they used to travel from the house where they were staying to the hospital.

Rocío Carrasco points to José Ortega Cano for his behavior in Houston

“There was one day that my aunt wanted the car for I don’t know what for and I told José Antonio (the owner of the house where they were staying) to leave us at the hospital and then he would keep the car, no problem. The next day they asked me for the money for that trip, ”explained Rocío .

A situation that Rocío defined as “very rare, very grotesque and very disgusting”.

But the Mohedano were not the only ones who received.

Rociíto also spoke of José Ortega Cano .

Antonio David ‘s ex-wife accused the former bullfighter of not having kept up with her mother while Rocío Jurado was fighting the disease.

Especially when they were in Houston .

She noted that she even refused to shake his hand when she needed it most.

That he had strange, erratic and distant behavior.

And also that at that time he had some problems with alcohol.

José Ortega Cano.
José Ortega Cano | LivNews24

Diego Arrabal dismantles the version of Rocío Carrasco

However, some images that have recently come to light would question the words of Rocío Carrasco .

More than anything, what the author of the same tells, Diego Arrabal .

The journalist, who is away from the small screen, is very active on social networks.

And he published on his YouTube channel some snapshots that he himself took, in which the right-hander is seen clinging to a fence with a lost look.

Some photos in which, according to Arrabal , Ortega Cano “was broken”.

“Holding on to a fence, looking at infinity. It is a very hard, shocking image”, comments Diego.

Some photos that, according to the journalist, “are taken in the morning, after the doctor’s visit, and not after having been in a bar, far from it.” “He was devastated. He paced the hospital absently. He was sad for his wife seeing that she had less strength every day and the family was more divided, “he adds.

Arrabal thus dismantles Rocío ‘s words , distancing the image of Ortega Cano as a drunkard that Carrasco implied and justifying his posing with the pain he felt for the state of his wife.

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