Rocío Flores is doing business with ‘the dark side’ now

Rocío Flores

Rocío Flores adds a new project to her career as an influencer

Rocío Flores broke her anonymity in September 2019.

Telecinco gave the bell by announcing the signing of Antonio David Flores by GH VIP 7 and his daughter as defender on set.

At that time, she showed a great relationship with Jorge Javier Vázquez, who is now her great enemy.

The TV factory is always one step ahead and father and daughter did not know that a real storm was coming their way.

Meanwhile, Rocio Flores and Antonio David amassed a great fortune, Rocío Carrasco recorded a documentary that was going to change everything.

The influencer has remained in the background before her mother’s statements in her own documentary.

David Flores’ sister has worked as a collaborator on various programs.

However, she has tried not to coincide with some of the mythical faces of Telecinco, such as Jorge Javier Vázquez.

Rocío Carrasco
Rocío Carrasco | LivNews24

detractor of Rocío Carrasco, the new friend of Rocío Flores

Mother daughter continue without speaking.

They have even avoided crossing the corridors of Telecinco these two years.

Rocío Jurado‘s granddaughter enjoys her vacation in Marbella in the company of Gloria Camila, her aunt and a great friend of hers.

The young woman is immersed in her business.

She has just closed a business relationship with one of her mother’s biggest detractors, José Alcaide.

Specifically, she will participate, as a special guest, in the event directed by Alcaide, the International Golden Nail Congress that will be held on November 12 in Barcelona.

The director of the event, which “will bring together students and professionals specializing in manicure”, as explained by Belleza Pro, has shown his “immense pleasure” at the signing of Rocío Flores.

This employment relationship has once again splashed Rocío Flores.

Once again, fans of Rocío Carrasco have criticized her harshly and have made it clear that this movement is a full-fledged provocation.

” She does not want her mother from her”, say many of the users of social networks.

The famous José Alcaide has harshly criticized Ro Flores’s mother on numerous occasions.

“Above all, take care of yourself because you have a distortion of reality that scares you. Pay the treasury and look for real ‘professional’ doctors. I still think that your main and most dangerous enemy is yourself. Your children deserve better than you!” one of his many messages on social networks.

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