Rosa López (OT) teaches muscles after losing 40 kilos

Rosa López

The winner of the first edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’ Rosa López shows off her physique on the networks

While Rosa López , popularly known as ‘ Rosa de España’ , is still looking for work and waiting to be called to complete her schedule with performances on stage, she is going through a sweet moment in the sentimental plot.

The singer shares life with a couple who, in addition to giving her joy in love, has also been key to show off the physique that she boasts today.

After several heartbreaks, Rosa López , winner of the first edition of ‘ Operación Triunfo ‘ , enjoys a wonderful love story with Iñaki García, a police officer by profession.

“I love him madly and I hope it will be for all my life. This is true love, I understood love in another way. The biggest lottery is to find your life partner, I have always looked for it. There is no man more beautiful than my Iñaki . Even if this were to end, this would be for my whole life”, declared the artist in the program ‘ Wonderful People’ presented by Toñi Moreno on Canal Sur .

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Rosa López is going through a sweet moment in love

In that same program, Iñaki wanted to surprise Rosa by appearing by surprise on the set.

And not content with surprising his partner, he also dedicated some heartfelt words to her.

“Rose is wonderful. She has a huge heart, she is how she looks at me, how she treats me… she brings me light and she has made me see the world with another prism, she is the love of my life. She has opened a world to me that I did not know. Peace,” said the law enforcement officer.

Iñaki , as a police officer, is in excellent shape.

Something that has ‘infected’ Rosa based on following a healthy diet and often going to the gym with Iñaki .

They do not forgive a single day and they leave their skin.

This is how Rosa López is now after losing 40 kilos
Thanks to this, Rosa now sports a physique that has nothing to do with the one she showed when she entered the OT Academy in 2001.

She has lost 40 kilos, while showing off a strong and muscular body, just as she boasts in the social networks.

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