Rosalía is one of the tallest celebrities in Spain, this is what she measures now


The Catalan singer Rosalía is one of the tallest it girls, above Queen Letizia or Pilar Rubio

Rosalía is one of the tallest celebrities in Spain, this is what she measures.

There are many factors that go into making a celebrity appear taller or shorter in terms of height.

First of all, the camera lenses are very deceiving.

And also the angle from which the videos or photographs are taken.

At this point there are still many and many who are amazed to learn that Tom Cruise only measures 1.70 meters .

But there are more elements that determine the perception we have of artists and familiar faces.

For example, the styles.

The models they wear also determine the look of celebrities around the world.

Also if they wear heels.

And all this without forgetting that physiognomy has a lot to do with it.

In this sense, although she may not seem like it, Rosalía is one of the tallest celebrities in Spain .

Rosalia | livnews24

Rosalía is one of the tallest it girls in Spain

Although it may not seem like it, the Catalan singer is 1.75 meters tall .

The baggy clothes that she wears often make her body less visible.

And much less her height.

But the truth is that the award-winning and world-renowned artist is one of those who sees the world from above.

Suffice it to say that she is taller than, among others, Queen Letizia .

The monarch usually wears heels and it seems that she is much taller, but the truth is that her height is 167 centimeters .

Edurne or Pilar Rubio stay below Rosalía
That is just the height that Amaia Salamanca also has , to which her tight outfits and the camera shots that are thrown at her in her appearances on the small and the big screen make her seem taller.

Below Rosalía we also find Sara Carbonero (1.68 m) or Dulceida , who is 1.64 meters tall.

And also to Paula Echevarría , who stays at 1.68 m.

And even Edurne (1.70 m), Pilar Rubio (1.70 m) or Cristina Pedroche 1.70 m) have to look up when they have Rosalía in front of them .

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