Rosalía may have a new collaboration ready to break the charts this summer


Rosalía can surprise and announce a long-awaited collaboration

For several years, Rosalía ‘s fans have wanted her to collaborate musically with a particular artist.

However, due to a supposed rivalry between them, the possibility of these two great artists coming together was almost impossible.

However, due to some interactions on their social networks and a surprising change in appearance, this possibility is getting closer to becoming a reality.

Or at least that is what is going viral on social networks as a result of a new theory that would musically unite Rosalía with Karol G , creating a historic collaboration that could rise to all #1 on the charts in the remainder of the summer.

Rosalía may have a new collaboration-

It all started on August 1 when Rosalía finished her ‘Motomami’ tour of Spain in a massive concert in Palma de Mallorca, before starting her tour of Latin America on August 14 in Mexico City.

During this concert, the Catalan appeared wearing long red hair, a look very similar to the one in the video for her song ‘Chicken Teriyaki’.

So far everything is very normal, but what caught the attention of all Internet users is that just that same day Karol G published a video with her new look, a red-haired mane that would leave behind the iconic image of her with her blue hair.

Through his social networks, “La Bichota” assured that he was very happy with his new hair color.

“This is officially my first video with red hair and I’m very happy.”

In addition, she decided to say goodbye to her long hair on an emotional trip to various cities around the world.

“I want to share with you that I decided it was time to change my blue hair, which You loved as much as I did. ‘

To say goodbye, my blue hair and I went on vacation to some places that are on my dream list.

We said goodbye in style!”, he wrote in his networks.

Faced with this strange “coincidence” the fans of Rosalía and Karol G have started intense debates on the networks , assuring that it could be the long-awaited musical collaboration between the two artists, two of the most influential female singers of the moment.

However, many other people have claimed that the publication of Karol G’s video was a marketing tactic to divert attention from the official premiere of the new song ‘Despecha ‘, which has become one of the most anticipated musical releases of the summer and that has positioned itself at the top of the Spotify Global ranking, making history by achieving more than 5.5 million views in the first 24 hours since its launch.

Because of this, thousands of fans assure that Karol G wanted to compete with Rosalía, publishing a video that already has more than 24 million views on her Instagram account .

However, the vast majority of fans of both artists hope that the correct theory is that of musical collaboration and that both decided to dye their hair the same color to record an upcoming video clip together.

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