Royal Family: Upheavals after Queen Elizabeth’s farewell 

Royal Family: Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate and Meghan
Royal Family: Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate and Meghan

The farewell to Queen led to several upheavals to the Royal Family, the most visible on the digital communication channels of the new king and princes of Wales, William and Kate. Harry and Meghan, along with Prince Andrew, have been relegated to the last position.

Since the death of Queen, many things have changed in the balance of the British monarchy; first of all, the accession to the throne of her eldest son, now King Charles III, is finally a reality after years (more than 70!) Of waiting.

Queen Elizabeth II
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Drawing this new profile is not easy, also because, to date, it is not yet clear what role the secondary members of the royal family will have, such as the princesses Beatrice and Eugenia of York or Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Together with their children.

We know that Kate and William, former Dukes of Cambridge, became within 48 first Dukes of Cornwall, inheriting the title from Charles and Camilla; then princes of Wales, the most renowned among the honours, reserved for the sovereign’s eldest son.

To give us an idea of ​​how these balances have changed are the digital channels of the British royal family, for some time now, the subject of a social revolution that has affected the Instagram profiles, Twitter and the official website.

The Royal Family website: Where have Harry and Meghan gone?

After remaining dressed in mourning after the death of Queen, the site of the royal family is today a mirror of the new monarchical formation: Charles the King and Camilla, his queen consort, obviously retain a special place in the various sections, followed only by the dedicated pages to the celebration of Queen, who, at the behest of her son, will still stand out on the portal for a long time.

The more attentive, however, will have noticed that there is no place in the first positions of The Royal Family section dedicated to the royals who actively work for the Crown, for the dukes of Sussex.

Charles, Camilla, the princes of Wales and Edward and Sophia of Wessex now stand out in the highest positions.

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She was followed by the tireless royal princess Anna, who played a vital role, both public and private, in the days following the death of her mother and who, in the future, so everyone says, will be a fundamental shoulder for her brother Carlo; the Duchess and Duke of Gloucester, the latter beloved cousin of the Queen; Princess Alexandra and Prince Edward Duke of Kent, also faithful cousins ​​of the sovereign.

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