R.R. Martin titled a photograph ‘Friend of the Devil’ on Twitter now

R.R. Martin

“Friend of the Devil”, this is how George R.R. Martin has titled the photograph that he has published on his Twitter account where he goes out with Gwendoline Christie.

The series The Sandman has been a phenomenon since it premiered last Friday on Netflix.

In general, it can be said that it was liked, especially by those who had already read the Neil Gaiman comics on which it is based.

One of the aspects that is attracting the most attention is the cast and the choice of Gwendoline Christie for the role of Lucifer has not gone unnoticed.

The actress plays the devil that the protagonist visits in hell itself in search of his helmet .

But if Gwendoline Christie is known for something, it is for her role in the series Game of Thrones, where she played Brienne of Tarth for several seasons, earning the sympathy of viewers.

Gwendoline Christie | LivNews24

This actress is now experiencing another moment of glory thanks to The Sandman and George R.R. Martin has not missed the opportunity .

The well-known author will soon see the arrival of the adaptation of The House of the Dragon to HBO Max, while everyone awaits his already several times postponed final volume of the saga of A Song of Ice and Fire: The Winds of Winter .

And meanwhile, George R.R. Martin shares images on his Twitter like this one in which he poses with Gwendoline Christie, or Brienne of Tarth or… the devil.

George R.R. Martin titled a photograph ‘Friend of the Devil’ on Twitter

It is clear that Game of Thrones was the ideal launch pad for numerous talents and the case of this actress is a good example.

Afterwards, she has gone through such interesting series as Top of the Lake and, of course, two Star Wars movies: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi .

If Netflix renews The Sandman for another season , there’s a good chance we’ll see her again as Lucifer.

But what did you think of The Sandman?

Would you like me to repeat as Lucifer?

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