Sabina Pedrós walks down the aisle: all the details of an “adventure” wedding now

sabina pedrós

Journalis, Sabina Pedrós, and musician, Dídac Ledesma, will say “yes, I do” at a wedding where the guests “do not know the place”

Follow the trail of famous Catalan weddings.

The last of them, which has not yet been produced and will be tomorrow, is that of Sabina Pedrós .

The host from Lleida, Sabina Pedrós, will marry the musician Dídac Ledesma and she already has everything ready for the big occasion.

Sabina Pedrós announced a long time ago on her social networks that she would say “yes, I do”, but we didn’t remember the date… It’s almost here!

“My goodness, I’m getting married this Saturday. We already have everything ready . And tomorrow we go out and start the wedding mode. Our guests only know where they have to go, and the adventure to get there is not a small one,” he announced on Instagram Sabina yesterday with a couple of photos in which the presenter looks splendid.

In one of them she is lying on a sofa with her 7 friends from the bachelorette party posing with her.

In the other, Pedrós appears with a giant bottle of champagne.

Smiling and happy: how is she.

Didac Ledesma and Sabina Pedros | LivNews24

Sabina Pedros and Didac Ledesma’s wedding preparations

There is no doubt that Sabina will surprise us with her magnificent wedding dress.

In her Instagram stories she has already given a small preview, in which the host of television formats is seen walking down the street with two voluminous bags that contain her valuable dress.

Her story is accompanied by the song ‘Contigo’, by her future husband. Hooks up.

A few months ago, Sabina and Dídac hinted at the possibilities of a wedding with a revealing photo.

Both posed ready for the occasion surrounded by turquoise waters of what seems to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Catalonia.

Dídac posed very elegantly, opting for a red bow tie, and the Lleida woman opted for a harmonious white dress with a golden crown.

Will they repeat this look tomorrow ? Long live the bride and groom!

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