Sangiovanni postpones the concert and appologizes to fans


Sangiovanni apologizes to the fans: “I have been suffering from pain in my stomach for a year and a half”
The singer posted an apology video on Instagram after postponing the concert on the last date of his summer tour”

At 10.30 pm the fans had already gathered for a while in anticipation when the announcement was made: Sangiovanni would not be on the stage in Cremona, his last summer concert was postponed.

It happened yesterday in Piazza del Comune due to a health problem in the cantate who posted a video on Instagram to apologize and reassure his followers.

“I am extremely apologetic for what happened earlier night”, he said, “Unfortunately I have been suffering from aches and pains in my stomach for a year and a half.”

“I took some treatments. In some moments I suffered more, in others less “, explained the singer of” Malibù “,” I never went to see me: sometimes you think it’s the fault of something you ate, of the stress, of the tiredness or anxiety . I have always neglected all this to dedicate all of myself to work.”

Appology video shared by Sangiovanni on Instagram

Sangiovanni appologizes to fans

Just before the concert, when he was ready to go on stage, he started feeling sick, went back to the dressing room, and tried to recover with the help of the paramedics.

The severe pains in the stomach, however, continued, despite the parameters being normal.

For a while, he waited hoping to recover, but in the end, he decided not to perform.

“The issue that I can not move on stage is that I had this very intense nausea: I couldn’t move because the more I moved the more I had the retching. I wouldn’t be able to sing. It wasn’t nice to go up on stage to risk having to go down shortly after, also because I had already made you wait a long time . “The organization and my team have decided to postpone the concert until today and this is good news”, added Sangiovanni, apologizing to those who had organized “spending money for various trips“. “I feel guilty for what happened,” he concluded thanking the fans worried about his health for the messages.

“It was the last date of the summer tour, we would have closed in style. Nothing is lost, however. See you tonight with double the energy.

An Instagram post shared by Sangiovanni on Instagram

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