Sarah Ferguson buys a super house in London.

"How did you do it if you are in debt?"

sarah ferguson

The news of the purchase by the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson of a house in Mayfair, an exclusive district of the city, caused a sensation. The recent financial problems of her and her ex-husband Andrea have raised several questions

The problems of the Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson , who in all these years has remained close to her husband leaving little room for the idea of ​​a definitive break between the two, never end. And this time it is Fergie, as the British press called her for years, who has attracted the attention of tabloids and public opinion.

Apparently, the mother of princesses Eugenia and Beatrice , would have bought, for 5 million dollars, a beautiful house in Mayfair, an exclusive district of London.

Sarah Ferguson –

An investment for the daughters, some insiders said, a sort of gift for the princesses and their children, August, son of Eugenia and her husband Jack Brooksbank, and Sienna, daughter of Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi .

Probably helped by her son-in-law of Italian origins who works in the real estate sector in the luxury segment, Sarah Ferguson was able to grab a truly enviable apartment: a news that, however, has raised more than one antenna in London well.

A few months ago, Prince Andrew of York , now downgraded to a series C royal after the recent events that saw him at the center of a truly disturbing legal matter and his ex-not-so-ex-wife had ended up in court, dragged along by socialite and billionaire Isabelle de Rouvre.

In 2014 the Dukes of York had bought from her a chalet in the Swiss Alps for the modest sum of 18 million pounds: the queen’s son and his wife had promised to transfer the agreed sum in several tranches, but then the intent had fallen on deaf ears, until spring 2022, when both Andrea and Sarah Ferguson found themselves negotiating a discount, after reselling the chalet now considered unsustainable from a financial point of view, because they were unable to repay the sum due to de Rouvre.

At The Sun, the socialite said the Yorkists owe her around £ 6.8 million, money she won’t get because the duke is now bankrupt, no longer a senior royals, abandoned by his family due to his involvement in the Epstein case; and Sarah Ferguson seems she cannot afford to spend such large amounts.

“How did she buy a house in Mayfair if it is in debt?” Added Isabelle de Rouvre? Yeah, how did she do it? Difficult to say.

What is certain is that Prince Andrew himself, unable to pay for himself the record plea agreement agreed with Virginia Giuffre, the woman who denounced him for sexual violence on a minor and who wanted to drag him to trial in August 2021, asked the queen for help.

Elisabetta and her brother Carlo to pay the sum. In short, it was not he who supported his ex-wife in buying the house in London, being on the verge of bankruptcy.

Yet another cloud has fallen on the Duke of York and his ex, as well as faithful companion and supporter, Sarah Ferguson. Will they be able to dispel it?

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