Sarah Jessica shared script and start of filming “And Just Like That 2”

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has announced that the second season of “And just like that” is now in the works.

Sarah Jessica, star of the sequel series of Sex and the City, in fact, in the past few hours, has shared on his social channels the photo of the reading of the script that anticipated the start of the filming of the first episode of “And just like that 2.”

“For now, just this,” reported Sarah Jessica on Instagram, led the opening page that officially kicked off the new season of the “And just like that 2”, once again, we will witness the evolution of the lives of Carrie Bradshaw (aka SJP ), Charlotte York ( Kristin Davis ) and Miranda Hobbes ( Cynthia Nixon ), without the participation of her friend Samantha Jones, whose character played by Kim Cattrall would not even appear in “And just like that 2.”

Even Sara Ramirez, who in the cast of the Sex and the city reboot plays Che (or Miranda’s new partner for whom the former lawyer decides to end her marriage with Steve), has published a photo showing the covers of the scripts of the first two episodes of the second season of “And just like that”, in the cast of which it seems that John Corbett could also return as the beloved Aidan Shaw, historical ex of Carrie.

Sarah Jessica Parker announced the start of filming of “And Just Like That 2”

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A return that of the designer who, if confirmed, could have become almost necessary after the alterations that saw the protagonist Chris Noth, alias Mr Big, who not only died during the first episode of AJLT but was also overwhelmed by a terrible sex scandal that also overshadowed the airing of the sequel to “Sex and the City.”

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