Sarah Jessica Parker confirms Aidan’s return in “And Just Like That 2”

Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett
Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett

Sarah Jessica Parker has confirmed the return of John Corbett in”And Just Like That 2″, who played the character of Aidan Shaw in “Sex and the City.”

As many will remember, it was announced that the character played by John Corbett would be present in the cast of “And just like that“, where, in reality, he never appeared even for a moment, thus leaving the many fans of Aidan dry-mouthed, the former historian of Carrie Bradshaw (aka Sarah Jessica Parker ) who had given Mr. Big (Chris Noth) a hard time to win the heart of the New York Star reporter.

An unexpected program change that was made to the script of the first season of “And just like that” and that blew Shaw’s comeback, “wiped out” at the last minute by the creator of the series streaming on Now tv Michael Patrick King, who had claimed that he had done it for Carrie, since seeing Aidan “would have been too much for her.”

Sarah Jessica Parker confirms return of John Corbett in “And Just Like That 2”

After the forfeit in the first season, today, however, for the furniture creator, the moment of redemption seems to have finally come in, “And just like that 2” (whose shooting began in recent days), as confirmed by Sarah Jessica Parker herself during the premiere of her new film “Hocus Pocus”, where on Entertainment Tonight she replied with little credibility: “It could be, it could be,” about a hypothetical Corbett return before adding “I can’t be cryptic about it anymore.”

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While nothing has yet been leaked regarding the new season’s storyline, it seems to be pretty clear that Carrie and Aidan will return to make a steady couple “And just like that” in season 2.

After all, after the death of Mr. Big, the character of SJP is back single and in the last episodes of “And just like that” Bradshaw had already started making the first (shy) outings with men, albeit with bad results.

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The entry of Aidan Shaw could therefore bring back into Carrie’s life that “panache” that (honestly) we missed a bit in the first season of the “Sex and the city” reboot as Big passed away at the end of episode 1. , leaving his wife in pain.

Fortunately for him, Bradshaw was able to count once again on the support of Miranda and Charlotte, but not of Samantha (played respectively by Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and Kim Cattrall), which proved to be fundamental for the elaboration of the grief as well as for its path towards “healing.”

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