Jorge Javier Vázquez : ‘Save me’ now hires him in the character called a climber, an impostor and a liar

Jorge Javier Vázquez

The program presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez will have a new and surprising collaborator

A character that some like Jorge Javier Vázquez , among others, called “climbing”, “imposter” and “liar” when it was learned that Jorge Javier Vázquez invented the news that he gave exclusively.

José Antonio Avilés was left without a job after ” Viva la vida ” stopped airing last July.

However, ‘ Sálvame’ has given a new opportunity to a collaborator who for a long time only had Emma García as the only person in Mediaset who trusted him.

Avilés lamented on social networks to find himself “without direction” and waiting for the phone to ring.

“Thank you all for your messages, your love is always super necessary but on these occasions more. I’m fine, calm and look that’s rare for me. It’s a strange feeling. I don’t know how to stand still and the truth is that the weekend is getting closer and I miss the pressure of having to get something to surprise you with”, Avilés published on social networks, shortly after the disappearance of ‘ Viva la vida’ .

From being the mockery of ‘Sálvame’ to joining the team of collaborators

The program presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez will have a new and surprising collaborator.

A wish, that the phone would ring, which came true a few days ago.

They called Jorge Javier Vázquez from ‘ Sálvame’ to give the last hour about the relationship between Ana María Aldón and José Ortega Cano .

José OrtegaCcano
Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón | LivNews24

An intervention that provoked the mockery of some of the collaborators of the program.

“Thank you very much for your participation and let’s see if we see you soon on this set working, because you are a first-rate collaborator and we need you here”, pointed out Kiko Matamoros .

“You come and make us August”, added Kiko Hernández with a laugh.

However, what started as a joke has inexplicably ended up being a reality.

Especially after the rejection that he generated among many heavyweights of the chain when it became known about his lies in the exclusives that he gave.

Jorge Javier Vázquez: ‘Save me’ hires a “climber”, “imposter” and “liar”

Avilés will be the new collaborator of ‘ Sálvame’ .

After this Wednesday in the program a new talk show host was announced throughout the afternoon, Avilés came out of a box in which he had been stuck for two hours.

He didn’t mind making a fool of himself as long as he got back on television.

“I come to bring information and not to burn down this set. I would like to start from scratch with the collaborators,” said the new talk show host, who announced that he had “started studying journalism.”

In the same vein as when Suso revealed that he was studying psychology… A good hour green sleeves.

Of course: he did not want to reveal the university.”I’m not going to say it. I haven’t come here to talk about my private life. It’s a decision I’ve made. A silence about the study center that, to say the least, arouses suspicion.

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