Selena Gomez Releases New Song “My Mind & Me”

Selena Gomez

The song in the documentary tells the life of the singer and Selena Gomez, now 30 years old.

Selena has released her new song “My mind & me“, that tells the most private and secret part of an artist’s life, who rose to success while still very young thanks to the Disney I TV series Wizards of Waverly.

Selena Gomez’ documentary “My Mind & Me”

Within her new song, Selena describes in detail her difficult path to mental health thanks to the help of a powerful text that reaches straight to the heart.

Selena Gomez’ new documentary “My Mind & Me”

My mind and Me“, sometimes we don’t get along, and it becomes difficult to breathe but, I wouldn’t change my life”, sings Taylor Swift’s colleague and friend in the song contained in the documentary Selena Gomez: My mind and me.

“If someone sees me like this, they won’t feel alone now “My mind and Me“.

“It’s hard to talk and feel when you always feel like a burden, I don’t want to add concern but if I pull back the curtain, maybe someone who is suffering will be a little more confident that they are not the only one lost Yes, I am constantly trying to fight something my eyes cannot see”, Selena sings in her new song where, for the first time, she talks directly about the problems that have plagued her for years and which are also well told in the documentary that shows some of the most exciting and challenging phases in the life of the founder of Rare Beauty.

In documentary Selena Gomez in addition to opening up about her mental health, she also talks about the various diseases that have affected her over the years starting with lupus and then moving on to periods in which she was a victim of anxiety and depression.

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A desire to tell himself that she was born as the singer of “Calm down ” to share path with fans and also to show all those who are suffering and who are facing the same difficulties, that they are not alone and, above all, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

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