End of the story between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti Now

Ilary Blasi

The announcement of the separation between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti in July, anticipated by months of gossip, after 20 years of love, made everyone sad. But why?

Weeks have passed since the official announcement of one of the most celebrated weddings in Italy.

We do not know them, they are not our friends, we do not know much about the private sphere of the Francesco Totti, net of what they have been telling us in recent years.

Yet knowing that their marriage, after 17 years, is over has made us truly sad .

Anticipated by months of gossip, then denied by the protagonists themselves to safeguard the serenity of the three children they had during their marriage, Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi finally confirmed their separation with a very dry press release , which leaves no room for reconciliations, nor in reruns.

And then, why replicate:if a marriage ends the reasons should be known only to those directly concerned, not to the whole world .

Even if the whole world cheered for them.

On the web, after the announcement of the incoming press release that had reached the newsrooms hours before the actual release, memes, posts and images of the story between Ilary Blasi and Totti circulate, repeating, like a mantra: “If it’s over for them too , I will no longer believe in love “, or” Just the Beckhams are missing, if they give up I give up all hope “, the latter in reference to another (apparently) unshakeable couple of showbiz, namely David Beckham and his wife Victoria.

Why have we projected so many emotions on Totti and Ilary Blasi ?

And why are we so sad that they broke up, even if we are not their relatives, friends, people close to them?

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti’s couple so human, so normal

Of Ilary Blasi and Totti, who got together in the early 2000s and then married in 2005, we have always liked that spontaneity light years away from the TV characters, that unaffected genuineness, certainly not played, but native to both.

They did not pretend, they did not lie, they did not boast: they were just like that, Ilary Blasi and Francesco, the first, at the time, with a television career still to be shaped, the second already god of Roman, Italian and world football.

That way of showing love, so fresh, so direct, has won us over: who forgets that “unique 6” on the champion’s jersey during the Rome-Lazio derbyoverwhelmed by Totti and his family in 2002, as if it were the page of a diary printed on a t-shirt.

Those dedications shouted with joy after having formalized the union with the media, and then the wedding that ignited the capital, the family built with love and passion, the passionate cheering of her at his matches, the support of Totti, always and however solid, for her growing career.

We had exchanged them all for yet another player-tissue pair , and on the other hand they were the openers of all those who, on the same media model, came later.

They have been so much more.

They looked perfect and they really were, Ilary Blasi and Francesco .

They loved each other and that love ended, as happens to many.

There is already another in Totti’s life: her name is Noemi Bocchi and her face, her past and above all her present are already everywhere. On her now weighs, unjustly, the shame of having separated two people who seemed glued together by the same fate. Except that in reality they weren’t: it happens and will happen again, even to those who seem indestructible.

The fact that we feel so involved since the end of the Totti-Blasi story is a reflection of what they have been not only in the media but also on the private level: we remember them and we will always remember them as passionate and tender, caciaroni and cheerful, crazy in love but always well anchored to the ground, happy with each other’s successes, beautiful as the sun, over the top and a little “burini”, but always direct, spontaneous and true.

Perhaps what saddens us most is the awareness that the same thing can happen to anyone, without a why or with many whys, suddenly or after a slow agony.

And that is why we feel so empathetic with the protagonists of this love and so involved in its epilogue, even if it is not our love, even if it never was.

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