Sfera Ebbasta now conquers Milan: “You haven’t seen anything yet”

Sfera Ebbasta
Sfera Ebbasta

On September 25, the King of Trap, Sfera Ebbasta, returned to the stage of the Mediolanum Forum 4 years after his previous life.

Sferra Ebbasta is back, or perhaps he never left, despite the pandemic, postponed concerts and the arrival of Gabriel, the son of his partner Angelina Lacou r who could have kept him away from the scene for a while.

All this was not enough; Sfera Ebbasta did not wait and once again confirmed his success with the sold-out of the first dates of the Famous Tour in Milan.

He did it to the cry of “The King is Back” with a concert that turned out to be a light show, irreverent looks that wink at the American trap culture, that of sparkling necklaces and autotune.

Sfera Ebbasta at Mediolanum Forum

Sfera Ebbasta performed on platforms suspended above the audience, surrounded by 12 thousand fans who filmed the concert with their phones up.

Controversial, whimsical, and charismatic to the point of not needing to talk about himself with official statements, Sfera Ebbasta immediately amazes everyone with an unexpected entrance, not on stage but from the audience where, hidden under a balaclava and a bulletproof vest, escorted by four bodyguards, he crossed the very young audience and went up on stage to sing “TikTok” and thus began the concert that was expected to be very intense from the very first moment.

The many guests did not let themselves wait for the first date in Milan, which was a party, an evening to spend with the family surrounded by the names that today make up the Italian rap and pop scene: da Lazza, with whom she sang “Piove” and “s! r!” (ft. the supreme), to Romi, who for one night left the XFactor stand to sing and dance “Nuovo Range”.

Last but not least, Blanco, in a total white look on stage to the tune of “You make me crazy”, while Sfera Ebbasta crowned him the «new protagonist of Italian music.”

Among dancers in overalls, pyrotechnic games, and blow-ups with his face flowing on the LED screens, the concert was also a potent reminder of the world of 130 BPM clubbing.

The public danced to the notes of “Hace calor“, a hit of the summer of 2022 and viral on social media; the background of the reel of this summer, “Calypso“, “Bottiglie Privè“, confirms that the trap is a genre that fits precisely between rap, pop and disco hits.

The show had no breaks. Sfera Ebbasta held up the stage very well, and during the two hours of the concert, he reminded us why he is the first in the standings for the number of streams on Spotify, the first Italian rapper to have a documentary on Amazon dedicated to his success, a natural “Sphere phenomenon“, advertised in none other than New York, with a billboard in Times Square.

Because in the end, he remains the only Italian artist candidate to bring Italian trap music to the United States, as demonstrated with Famoso, the album that gives the title to the tour, that everything seems less than an Italian record: the strong reggaeton influences of the disco were also heard at the Assago Forum, with Ferdi who directly from South America made the audience dance on new frequencies.

Every detail during the concert is a reminder of his person: from the flags flying on the stage with his theme song to the lyrics of the songs that speak of his history, of a relationship with the past that is always present.

There was a time when Gionata Boschetti, her name at the registry office, was the boy of the Cinisello palaces (where today she can boast a square in her name).

She dedicated many verses to this post from the stage: “The C with the hand is where we come from », and he sings in” City “.

He praises his path and sings about his success, but, like any self-respecting artist, he never forgets where he comes from.

And with this goal, in the hours in which the votes for the election of the Prime Minister were counted in the polling stations throughout Italy, Sfera Ebbasta closed the concert on the notes of Italiano, the last EP released on May 6, in collaboration with Rvssian.

The dancers enter waving green, white and red stadium flags with his signature in the middle (“$ €”), singing the Italian spirit on the Toto Cutugno sample.

“I gesticulate when I speak like a true Italian”, she sings, “I would die for my family as a true Italian”: in the background, the graphic is reminiscent of the Pizza BoyItalian-American, the one who arrives in New York and reinvents himself from scratch.

A sort of omen for Gionata Boschetti, who, sooner than later, will be the artist from Cinisello and has also conquered the top overseas charts.

If in doubt, see you again on October 11 in Assago.

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