Shakira again with Gerard Piqué for their son Milan now

Shakira and Gerard Piqué
Shakira again with Gerard Piqué for son Milan's love

The singer Shakira and the footballer Gerard watched their eldest son’s baseball game.

Shakira and Gerard said goodbye a few months after the singer discovered some betrayal by her partner, at that moment struggling with a flirtation with Clara Chia Marti ( now his official girlfriend ).

A break that is not without drama between the Barcelona player and Shakira, who spoke in recent days of the difficulties she is facing today.

“I’m trying to elaborate what happened,” she admitted to Elle Us before adding: “It was hard not only for me but also for my boys”, referring to children Milan and Sasha, respectively 9 and 7 years old. , both born from the relationship with Piqué.

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Shakira and Gerard once again together

An immense love what the singer and the sportsman feel for their children, both of whom appeared in recent days at the baseball game in Milan, who finally saw mother and father together.

The “rapprochement” bodes well for the future, suggesting that slowly, with time, things between the two exes could also improve, making the relationship between the two a little less tense than now.

As reported by some present at Hola! in fact, Shakira (today at the top of the charts together with the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta with the song “ Don’t you worry ”) and Gerard , however close, would never have exchanged a glance or even a word.

The relations between Shakira and Gerard are not idyllic and are well known since both are fighting for the division of their assets for the custody of the children.

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“I feel that in this time of my life, which is likely the darkest and most challenging hours of my life, music has brought the light”, had stated Elle US Shakira a few weeks ago.

Still unaware that a few hours ago the judge who is following her case would have sent her to trial, with the prosecutor asking for a total sentence of eight years and two months in prison for the singer of Colombian origin, as well as a fine of about 23.8 million euros.

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