New :Shakira and her partner, footballer Gerard, have split.

The essentials in brief
•Shakira and Gerard Piqué were a couple for twelve years and have two children together.
•The footballer is said to have cheated on his partner several times.
•Shortly before the breakup, the musician released a billing song.

The kicker is said to have repeatedly cheated on the musician. Is this where the reckoning comes in?

After twelve years together and two children, Shakira (45) and Gerard Piqué (35) go their separate ways.

The footballer is said to have cheated on his wife. 

Did the singer hint at the end of love in her latest song?

The new song by the Colombian musician was released at the end of April . 

Shakira: Is she settling accounts with scammer ex Gerard Piqué here?

In «Te Felicito» it is translated: «To complete you, I broke myself into pieces, everyone warned me, but I didn’t listen.

I realized you’re wrong (…) Don’t tell me you’re sorry, I know you well and I know you’re lying.”

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Sounds like settling accounts with an unfaithful partner…

According to the media, the Spaniard has repeatedly cheated on Shakira in recent years. 

Shakira apparently knew about the infidelities and tolerated them.

The drop that is said to have overflowed the barrel: The 45-year-old caught Piqué in flagrante delicto in bed with another .

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