Shakira has a new nickname and Piqué’s friends have given it


From the surroundings of Piqué they give a nickname to the singer Shakira

Little time has passed since Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced their separation.

The couple put an end to a relationship that had lasted for more than 11 years, from which two children were born, Milan and Sasha .

Since then, all kinds of information has not stopped coming to light.

That yes Piqué already had a new special friend, that if Shakira could have a new love in Miami …

What is 100% true is that both are in full litigation for the custody of the children.

She wants to take them to Miami .

There she would have a closer contact with the big fish of the record companies and enhance her career as a singer.

He, for her part, wants to keep them in Barcelona .

He doesn’t want to have to travel every so often to the other side of the pond to see his children.

And he alleges that they are rooted in Barcelona , ​​and that they have their life, their friends and school in the city of Barcelona.

The dispute between Shakira and Piqué for the custody of Milan and Sasha continues

In this sense, it has been said that the singer would have launched a proposal to the FC Barcelona footballer in exchange for his resignation from custody that would include five annual first-class plane tickets that Piqué could use whenever he wants, accommodation in Miami in his own house when Gerard went to Miami , a month of vacations in the summer with the children and financial aid in the debt that the Treasury claims.

But, at least as far as she knows, the Barça defender has rejected the offer.

He will fight for custody of his children to the end.

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And for this he has hired a prestigious law firm to win the case.

Specifically, the one that at the time led to Arantxa Sánchez Vicario .

And while Shakira and Piqué seek to reach an agreement to avoid going to court, many television programs and coated paper magazines pour different information outside the dispute.

For example, in the program ‘It’s already noon’, where they revealed the nickname that Piqué’s friends would have given Shakira .

Piqué’s friends give Shakira a nickname
According to the Telecinco program , in Gerard ‘s environment they call Shakira ‘La Patrona’.

Is it in reference to the Atresmedia series starring a single mother?

In the Telecinco space they do not give details about the reason.

Meanwhile, in this same program they have revealed that Shakira would have called the police in the last few hours after some graffiti appeared on the door of her house made by stalkers.

In addition, they point out that two men have been following her in the vicinity of her house, but they would have been released due to lack of evidence.

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