Shakira is now leaking not good information about Piqué and Clara


Shakira stated about Piqué and Clarar’s relation. Piqué no longer wants to hide

Between Shakira and Piqué a war has started and nobody has found out.

The Colombian is hurt with the Catalan.

He left him overnight after spending Christmas in Orlando with her children.

He confessed to her that he was no longer in love with her.

The one from Barranquilla did not understand anything until she discovered that another woman had appeared in her life.

She is a young woman of only 23 years old , a student, who works at the Kosmos production company, owned by the Barça player.

Throughout this summer, while Piqué and Shakira have carried out several negotiations through their lawyers to reach an agreement with the custody of their children, the Catalan has been seen normally with Clara through the streets of Barcelona.

The couple is very close. Last week, Piqué attended the Dani Martín concert with his girlfriend.

Shakira | LivNews24

Shakira is leaking not good information about Piqué and Clara

Piqué and Clara | LivNews24

They were hidden among the crowd in the highest part of the stands, however, when they noticed the cameras, they stood on the stairs, where no one was covering them, and began to dance, hug each other and gave each other a passionate kiss, a gesture that shook Shakira’s blood.

Piqué decides what is known and when it is known with this kiss, Piqué and Clara wanted to send a message to Shakira.

According to Laura Fa, the Catalan has no intention of harming the mother of his children, but he does control the information that is leaked to the press about his private life.

The soccer player believes that it is the fault of the Colombian and her family.

Piqué is 100% sure that one of them leaked the identity of the young woman to the British newspapers that made the photograph public.

To date, Shakira has controlled the times, but Piqué, fed up with everything, has decided to make it clear to her that he decides what is known and when it is known.

In this way, Piqué breaks the deal he agreed with Shakira not to appear in public with his girlfriend for a year, something that could further jeopardize the agreements on the custody of their children.

The Catalan is tired of hiding, he is in love and wants the whole world to know it.

Piqué and Clara met at the beginning of the year in a well-known nightclub in the upper area of ​​Barcelona that he frequented.

At that time she was working as a waitress.

Now the Public Relations student, she does an internship at Kosmos.

She even met her boyfriend’s children at an event organized by her company, but for now as a colleague and friend of her father.

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