Shakira does not let Piqué into the house now

Gerard Piqué

Colombian singer Shakira vetoes Piqué’s entry into her home

Shakira and Gerard Piqué continue to face each other over the custody of their children.

And despite the fact that many sources point out that the relationship between the two is most cordial, the truth is that the singer does not even want to see the hair of the FC Barcelona footballer , as shown by a scene described by Informalia.

Since they separated, Gerard has settled in an apartment located in the upper area of ​​Barcelona .

While Shakira stayed in the family home they shared before separating.

Gerard Piqué and shakira | LivNews24

Piqué has the second half of August

To all this, the singer has been with her children on vacation for a few weeks, as we have seen on social networks.

The Colombian and little Milan and Sasha have been on a trip to the United States .

Now, on his return from the other side of the pond, it is Piqué ‘s turn .

As they would have agreed with his lawyers, the Barça defender will spend the rest of August with the little ones.

And of course, he had to pick them up, as happens in the separation of parents.

A scene that would make it clear that Shakira does not want to cross paths with the Catalan.

Shakira doesn’t want to see Piqué’s hair

According to the aforementioned medium, Gerard arrived at the house where Shakira is located .

But unlike other occasions in which he entered the parking lot of the home to avoid the press, this time he was waiting at the door for about 10 minutes.

At that time, Piqué loaded a suitcase in the trunk that had been brought to him at the door of the house.

And it is that according to the source, Piqué would be prohibited from entering the home. And apparently, also in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, the fight for the custody of their children continues between the former couple. Shakira keeps insisting on taking them to Miami .

There Shakira would be closer to the music moguls and she could better promote her musical career.

While the father wants them to continue in Barcelona, ​​where young people have their lives, their friends and school.

In this situation, the artist would have made an offer to Gerard that would include five plane tickets a year in first class, the possibility of settling in his house while he was in Miami , spending a month with the little ones in the summer and financial aid in the litigation that Piqué maintains with the Treasury, which claims 2.5 million euros.

Piqué , as far as is known, would have rejected the offer for the time being.

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