Shakira, Now involuntary protagonist of Playboy for intimate photos


Colombian singer Shakira, involved in the revelations of a Playboy magazine star

Shakira and Gerard Piqué continue to hold their swords high in their differences over which of the two should keep custody of their children, Milan and Sasha , after they decided in early June to officially put an end to their relationship.

which had been going on for more than 11 years. 

She, for her part, wants to take them to Miami , where she has her people and her most important contacts in the musical field.

 The Barça player , for his own, considers that they should stay in Barcelona , ​​which is where they are rooted and have their life. 

Plus, she doesn’t want to have to travel to Miami.

Every time you want to see your children, because your current schedule will not allow you to move when you want.

Meanwhile, information about the couple does not stop coming out. 

Especially in reference to the Catalan soccer player, from whom facts continue to leak that harm him in his fight for custody of his children.

The last ones have been made by a very heavyweight from Playboy magazine, which has inevitably made the singer Shakira be related to the aforementioned magazine.

Shakira The model Suzy Cortez, protagonist on the covers of Playboy, reveals hints of Piqué

The reason is that Suzy Cortez , known for being Miss Bum Bum and for her covers in Playboy , has revealed that Piqué made some proposals to her while he was with Shakira , and even sent her some intimate photos. 

In any case, the model assures that she did not have anything.

“I was a friend of former Barcelona president Sandro Rosell . 

When Piqué found out he asked for my number and sent me a message, ”explains Suzy for the NY Journal. 

“When I returned to Brazil , he sent me messages on Instagram every day asking me when I would return to Europe and how big my butt was, and saying that he was jealous of my tributes to Messi ,” specifies the Brazilian. 

“He was very disrespectful to me,” insists Cortez , who is currently sweeping Onlyfans by selling uncensored content.

Piqué would have sent intimate photos to Suzy Cortez

Although despite the insistence of Piqué , Suzy Cortez never had anything with the defender of the Barça team. 

“I was like: man, you’re married. Respect your family,” she says. “As I am the muse of Barcelona , ​​​​I made several tributes to the team and the players. 

I think she got a little emotional and mixed things up,” she explains to Terra.

“He offered several times to see me, to be with me, always with lust. He chased me and I avoided him, until he started sending me intimate photos of him.

It seemed disrespectful to me and I ended up blocking it, “reveals the model, who assures that she never said anything about this whole thing” out of respect for Shakira “.

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