Sidhu Moosewala Shot Dead 2 companions seriously injured

sidhu moosewala
Punjabi singer and Congress leader Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu [Sidhu moosewala] was killed in an attack near village Jawaharke in district Mansa on Sunday evening.

BHATINDA: He was taken to civil hospital in Mansa where he was declared dead.

And Two companions were refer to higher institution for further  treatment.

Sidhu moosewala Shot Dead

sidhu moosewala

It is inspected that a bullet hit Sidhu MooseWala out of 40 rounds of firing by professional shooters from 2 another black cars while he was in his Mahindra Thar, which he was driving.

Sidhu Moose and his companions was going to meet a familiar person.

28-year-old Moosewala was one of 424 people whose security withdrawn  by Punjab police on Saturday.

It turns out that MooseWala was supposed to meet with Prime Minister Bagwant Mann on security issues. And ranged up his lawyer for this action by Punjab police yesterday.

It was revealed that some unidentified people shot 40 rounds of firing from high-tech weapons on Mahindra Thar vehicles in a random manner. All three were injured in the shooting.

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