Spare – The Minor: Prince Harry will unravel doubts about his experiences

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Several sources, including a much-discussed book, confirm that in the prince Harry’s most intimate circle there was a lot of skepticism about the story with Markle, who at the time was still working as an actress.

The hope is that in his biography, Spare – The Minor, to be released on 10 January, Prince Harry will be able to unravel some doubts about his experience as an eternal second in a cumbersome family like his, the British royal one.

In the meantime, however, it is the gossip about her relationship with Meghan Markle and their new American life that reigns supreme.

That is, we will never know where the truth lies with regard to disputes, recriminations, and accusations, but certainly, in the various real indiscretions that have emerged in several recent publications, there is something real.

prince Harry’s friends disagree about engagement with Meghan

To rekindle the spotlight on the first months of the relationship between Prince Harry and the then actress of Suits Meghan Markle played Tom Bower in his recent book Revenge, which reads that the Duke of Sussex’s British friends, in the early stages of that love, disagreed at all about the relationship.

“If you go on, you’re crazy,” his loyal, largely historical companions from Eton and Harry’s teenage raids would have told him: according to Bower, who heard more than 80 people including acquaintances, friends, and members write his book of the royal staff to confirm his theses (all anti-Meghan Markle, it must be said), the opinions towards Harry’s then-girlfriend were not, at the time, positive at all.

Recently, the news of Prince Harry that he would have asked his English friends to contribute to the drafting of his memoir(without, however, finding great enthusiasm in the request) has restarted gossip and assumptions arriving from 2016, the year of the beginning of the story between the prince and Meghan.

In 2017, after introducing it to everyone, the friends of the Duke of Sussex would have found themselves exhausted after Markle’s questions and accusations, too far from Anglo-Saxon culture to understand rituals like hunting or dinners in the countryside, and too upset by the comments.

“Vulgar” friends of Eton’s boyfriend, permeated with references to sexist and male chauvinists.

Three days after this great happening in Sandringham, between dinners, hunting parties, and dancing evenings, the first messages from Harry’s friends against Meghan would have been triggered.

Even Prince William would have tried to lead his brother to reason, according to Bower, involving his uncle Charles Spencer, brother of that Diana to whom Meghan Markle has often been compared over the years.

One sentence too many about the prince’s girlfriend (“You are going too fast,” apparently were the incendiary words of the relationship between Harry and his brother), and that bond was also broken: Bower argued in his book that the prince was too in the love of his girlfriend and future wife to listen to the advice of the people who loved him, all focused, however, on the different worlds from which they came, light years away from each other.

We now know how it ended: those worlds were really the polar opposite. Today the Sussexes have built one tailored to their wishes, not with any controversy and controversy, but which, it seems, points straight to happiness.

What about Harry’s friends? “He no longer has anyone, he is completely isolated,” confirm other reports. And the fact that no member of his circle was willing to talk about his connection with the prince in Spare seems to prove it.

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