NBA – Draymond Green’s wife now freaks out after Game 3!

NBA Draymond Green

Draymond Green was targeted by TD Garden on Wednesday, with numerous slanderous chants directed at him, and he liquified under the pressure with a ridiculous performance. 

Afterwards, his wife tried to come to his rescue on social media with a piquant message.

There are players in the NBA who are loved by fans of their teams, but hated by the majority of fans in the other 29 franchises. 

Draymond Green is perhaps the best example of this phenomenon, he who is considered the soul of Golden State by some, thanks in particular to his contagious energy, and as an annoying player by others.

Celtics fans have clearly chosen sides.

NBADraymond Green’s wife comes to his rescue!

Like Trae Young last year at Madison Square Garden, the Warriors’ interior was targeted by TD Garden… But unlike the Hawks All-Star,

who outdid himself and walked on the Knicks,

Draymond s is liquefied under pressure with 2 points and 4 rebounds on the clock.

After the meeting, his companion had to come to his aid on social networks.

Tough defeat, but never, in any form, should fans be allowed to sing obscenities towards players. They're not human? 
Do people come to your workplace to shout obscene things about you?

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The NBA has the audacity to post a code of conduct at every seat in the halls, explaining to fans that they can be kicked out, and the whole TD Garden can sing 'Fuck Draymond', can call him ' sal*pe” or “asshole” without the slightest consequence?
Like is it normal? 
Warriors fans would never do that! My kids were at the game and heard that.
This is disgusting of you Celtics fans. It's a shame.

Hazel Renee, Draymond’s wife, had a hard time digesting the behavior of the fans present at the TD Garden. 

It must be said that the songs for her husband were particularly noisy and they undoubtedly saddened their children… But this is unfortunately the reality of an NBA room, and with the intensity of the Finals, only the victories of the Warriors will silence opponents.

Draymond is going to be the target of Celtics fans in all the Finals, it’s up to him to get used to it. 

The best way to silence them isn’t necessarily to complain, but to put out big performances and win games.

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