Netflix releases “Squid Game” clip revealing details about season 2

Squid Game
Squid Game

In anticipation of season 2 of “Squid Game”, the show’s director shared a never-before-seen scene with fans that may have a hidden meaning.

Waiting to see the second season of Squid game (or even to find out the release date of the new episodes), the director of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk has made a small surprise to all fans of the “Squid Game“, sharing a clip unpublished of the first season of the show on the occasion of the Tudum Fan Event, an annual meeting that is organized by Netflix and which connects the streaming platform with its most loyal and devoted users.

“Squid Game” clip revealing details about season 2

The unedited scene that is shown in the clip lasts 40 seconds and has as its absolute protagonist Front Man (played by Lee Byung-Heon ), the man behind the survival game and who turns out to be not only the brother of the detective of the police Hwang Jun-ho but also the winner of the 28th Squid Game held in 2015.

Front Man appears as he returns to his apartment carrying a bag of goldfish with him, which he then pours into a glass bowl while remaining to observe them from above, a bit as he does with the players of the Gioco Del Squid.

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However, the clip at the end ends with a twist, as it shows a man staring at Front Man’s apartment, suggesting in a not-so-veiled way that the one who “controls the game” is controlling himself.

Could this be a clue to “Squid Game 2″? Perhaps, after all, the release of this clip cannot be random, especially since nothing happens or is shown by chance within the series streaming on Netflix, not even the smallest and insignificant detail.

Whether or not this scene makes sense for the future of the show today is too early to say, as “Squid game season 2” will not see the light before 2024, when the spotlight will return to the “Squid Game“.

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