Belén Rodriguez’s birthday : Stefano, ex. husband wishes ” Happy birthday, life “

Belén Rodriguez
Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino

Belén Rodriguez turns 38, and this time despite the hermeticism of the caption, Stefano writes “Happy birthday, life.” to his (ex?) Wife on Instagram and romance takes off in full sail.

This time they want to go with lead feet. The flashback has long been a fact, but public events continue to be sipped.

The faith reappears, two shadows holding hands, the photo of a stolen kiss, the revealing quotation marks but still at an all-time low.

Belén Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino are our Bennifers; here are all the incurable romantics to cheer for them.

Today, September 20, the Argentine showgirl turns 38, and this time despite the hermeticism of the caption, the message of the companion is compelling.

“Happy birthday, life.” Stefano writes to his (ex?) Wife on Instagram and romance takes off in full sail.

A photo of the birthday girl in a sunflower field kissed by the sun and a lot of love (posted by the presenter in her feed last August ed ).

Stefano De Martino shared post on Instagram wishing Birthday to Belen

Stefano’s wish to Belén Rodriguez

She chose this De Martino shot to celebrate the 38 candles of her son Santiago’s partner and mother.

A flower among the flowers to be taken care of constantly and with devotion, a lesson she has learned from her skin.

“Best wishes for life” few words but which weigh and become the last piece of a comeback mainly kept private except for a few rare exceptions.

Recently, in a story on IG, Belén Rodriguez has shown all her pride in seeing the men in her life together.

“My husband” she wrote proudly, posting the video of Stefano on the piano and Gustavo on the guitar playing Je so ‘pazzo by Pino Daniele in the setting of their Buen Retiro in Naples, the beautiful house of Marechiaro di Stefano.

Also, in the Campania capital, last night, surrounded by the dearest affections, the face of Tu si que vales celebrated her birthday without too much fuss but with so much tenderness.

It was a story born in the spotlight of Stefano and Belén Rodriguez, vivisected in its ups and downs, and seemed to have no more future.

Instead, they are together again after Venditti’s famous «immense turns,» supported by those who believed in the opening titles in their fairy tale.

“I think there is a sort of emotional transfer towards us,” Stefano explained to Il Corriere Della Sera last May, trying to find the coordinates of the public’s affection for the couple. They want to understand how it ends. There is the veiled hope of a happy ending for them too ».

Marriage bis is a no (“Of marriage, however, I made one, and ours for how it took place is enough and advances for another two or three lives!”, He said).

Still, Historia Magistra vitae, the blows of the scene in the Rodriguez-De Martino house are never lacking.

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