Stephen King shares the sinister illustration of Pennywise made by an artificial intelligence now

Stephen King

The author Stephen King of the original novel has shared a dark illustration of one of his most terrifying creations.

If there is something that the writer Stephen King is very good at, that is creating nightmares in the minds of other human beings (it would be necessary to see if with the approval of Neil Gaiman ‘s Sandman ).

And to do so, he no longer needs to write extensive novels that always become super hits, but only his Twitter account.

Well , King , very active in this social network, has shared a sinister image of one of his most famous characters that, surely, causes the occasional nightmare to those who see it.

But the best of all is that he has not needed the hand of a great artist, but rather this dark drawing has been the creation of an artificial intelligence.

“This is made with an artificial intelligence robot. I asked my tech-savvy friend Jake if I could put Pennywise on a bike and this is what came out ,” the writer explained in a tweet sharing the story sinister image of the clown protagonist of the It saga with a bicycle and one of his unforgettable red balloons.

Stephen King shares the sinister illustration of Pennywise

Although it would be almost impossible to choose the scariest character in the entire Stephen King bibliography, especially since he is one of the most prolific authors in history, without a doubt, Pennywise would occupy one of the top positions, because after seeing him in the series and the movie that adapted It is even more sinister.

The evil Derry clown has been played twice by two different actors .

The first to dare was Tim Reid, who brought him to life in the It television miniseries released in 1990, and the second was Bill SkarsgĂ„rd, who played him in Andy Muschietti‘s It movies, who divided the story of the book into two tapes different.

Two adaptations of the same novel that King himself is proud of , unlike what happens with Stanley Kubrick ‘s adaptation of The Shining , which the writer has always hated for the many licenses the director took in transferring the story to the big screen.

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