Blue’s Big City Adventure: Steve Burns comeback after Blue’s Clues

Steve Burns come back with Blue’s Big City Adventures
Steve Burns come back with Blue’s Big City Adventures

Blue’s Clues star Steve Burns makes a big comeback with Blue’s Big City Adventure, the movie will be released on November 18 on Paramount Plus.

Steve Burns hosted the original Blue’s Clues from 1996 until his sudden departure in 2001, where his character Steve abruptly left to go to college, leaving his brother Joe (Donovan Patton) with Blue.

He ultimately returned behind the scenes to consult with casting on the 2019 revival of Blue’s Clues & You, starring Josh Dela Cruz as Josh.

The actual series and resurrection are fetched together in the new Paramount Plus movie Blue’s Big City Adventure.

The movie follows Josh and Blue as both arrive for Broadway audition in New York, though they get lost there, and Mr. Salt journeys to find them and reunite with Steve Burns and Joe, both living in New York City.

Burns also wrote and directed episodes of the new series and sent a heartfelt video to fans for the show’s 25th anniversary last year. 

Just over 20 years after his abrupt departure from the wildly popular kids’ shows Blue’s Clues, Steve Burns returns in the trailer for the new Paramount Plus movie Blue’s Big City Adventure.

Steve hosted Blue’s Clues since its beginning in 1995, though he unexpectedly left in 2001, later revealing in an interview that he had hair fall, saying, ‘I denied losing my hair, and it was fastly ensuing.

He was back as his favourite character Steve Burns in Blue’s Big City Adventure, which fetches Blue and his owner Josh Dela to New York, where they meet up with Burns’ character.

Steve Burns’ return in Blue’s Big City Adventures

The trailer begins in the sights and sounds of New York City; as Josh claims, they are not in Storybook World anymore.

The trailer reveals many song-and-dance practices as they all start to follow clues as we witness Josh on the Broadway stage.

Blue is seen hanging out with some street drummers while Josh breaks into song, adding, ‘Blue’s Clues in New York? This is epic! Broadway, here we come!’

Their journey strikes when Josh learns he doesn’t have his, ‘handy-dandy notebook.’

‘Without my handy-dandy, I believe we’re lost,’ Josh states, while Blue hides his eyes with his ears.

In Storybook World, Mr. Salt realises Josh left his notebook at home as the other characters at home decide to bring the notebook to him.

Trailer of Blue’s Big City Adventure from Official Account of Paramount+

Mr. Salt says he ‘knows a man who can assist them find Josh and Blue as they knock on a door, and Steve answers, wearing a chapeau hat and overcoat with a neon green tie.

He left his notebook at home and the rest of the characters at home decide to bring the notebook to him.

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‘Is that you?’ Steve asks. Are they both in New York City? They will be lost,’ as Joe states, ‘It’s a great deal,’ as Mr. Salt proclaims, ‘I know!’

They’re witnessed walking near the Big Apple as Mr. Salt states, ‘Recall what Josh always tells – You can accomplish anything you want to.’

Steve Burns is searching for clues with a magnifying glass on his stoop, along with several other musical scenes as the trailer ends.

After his departure, In an interview, Burns disclosed, ‘I knew I wasn’t doing children’s television all my life, mostly because I denied losing my hair.’

He counted that after filming the final episode, he shaved his head, revealing that he won’t be allowed.

Burns returned for the revival of Blue’s Clues  & You and consulted on the casting of Josh Dela Cruz as Josh, the cousin of Steve Burns and Joe. 

At the same time, Burns would also write and direct several episodes of the new series while also reaching out to fans in a heartfelt video for the show’s 25th anniversary.

Blue’s Big City Adventure, which features impressions by B.D. Wong, Phillipa Soo, Ali Stroker, Alex Winter, and Steven Pasquale debut on November 18 on Paramount Plus.

Blue’s Clues Movie 2022 Arriving Friday, November 18 on Paramount+, Blue’s Big City Adventure sees Josh and Blue “Skidoo.” 

Blue’s Clues debuted on Nick Jr. on September 8, 1996, with Burns coaching preschoolers through a series of puzzles with the help of animated dog Blue.

It was a great hit, but in 2002 Burns left the show, giving the hosting reins over to Steve Burns‘s brother Joe.

More recently, Burns reprised in honour of Steve Blue’s Clues‘ 25th anniversary. After the video went viral, Burns appeared on CBS’ The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (watch here).


How many seasons was Steve Burns on Blues Clues?

Steve Burns was there on Blue’s Clues for the first four seasons. He left thr Blue’s Clues in 2001, after 6 years and 100 episodes.

How old was Steve from Blue’s Clues when he started the show?

Steve was 22 when he started the show Blue’s Clues in 1996.

How old was Donovan Patton when he started Blue’s Clues?

Donovan was 18 when he stepped in the show Blue’s Clues.

Is the host of Blue’s Clues gay?

Steve is the host of Blue’s Clues and is not a gay. He is married to Amanda Philip. 

Was the original Blues Clues guy a sex offender?

The original Blue’s Clues guy was convicted to sex offender. He was sexual predator.

How many seasons was Steve on Blues Clues?

Host of the Blue’s Clues roughly gets $1 million annually.

How much money does Josh from Blue’s Clues make per episode?

Josh from Blue’s Clues earned roughly $15,000 per episode.

Is Steve from Blue’s Clues Jewish?

Steve believes in no-god, he is non-religious. 

When did Blues Clues come out on TV?

Blue’s Clues first came out on TV on September 8, 1996.

How many actors have played in Blues Clues?

Blue’s Clues was played by Steve Burns, Donovan Patton, and Josh Dela Cruz.

How much do the Blues Clues actors make?

According to an estimate, Blue’s Clues actors roughly make $1 million.

When did Blues Clues stop making episodes?

Blue’s Clues stopped making episodes on August 6, 2006.

blue’s clues and you season 4

Blue’s Clues & You season 4 includes 20 episodes, which will premiere in August 2022.

blue’s clues and you season 3

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blue’s clues and you season 2 paramount plus

Here is the link to Blue’s Clues and you season 2 paramount plus. Click Here.

Why did Steve from Blue’s Clues leave?

He revealed in a later interview that he was going bald, and he ‘refused to lose my hair on a kid’s show,’ shaving his head just a day after wrapping.

He revealed that show’s producers refused to let him shave his head which was one reason he left. 

Is Josh from Blue’s Clues Filipino?

Yes, Josh from Blue’s Clues is Filipino American.

Who is Magenta on Blue’s Clues?

Magenta is one of Blue’s Clues classmates at school and visited Blue’s Clues on special ocasions.  She was voiced by Koyalee Chanda in the original series.

Did Blue’s Clues and you get Cancelled?

No, Blue’s Clues and you didn’t cancel. It’s been renewed for the new season.

Is Magenta Blue’s Clues girlfriend?

No, Magenta isn’t Blue’s Clues girlfriend rather next-door neighbor and best friend.

Is Blue’s Clues a girl and magenta a boy? Is Blue’s Clues magenta a girl?

Magenta is a girl and Blue’s Clues a boy.

Is Blue’s Clues on Netflix or Hulu? / Is Blue’s Clues on Netflix?

Blue’s Clues is not there on Netflix. You can watch it on Hulu, link is given to watch on Hulu. Click Here.

What streaming service is Blue’s Clues on?

It’s Paramount+.

Is Blue’s Clues on DVD?

Yes, Blue’s Clues is also there on DVD. Here is the link to Blue’s Clues DVD. Click Here.

Why did Joe from Blue’s Clues leave?

Joe from Blue’s Clues left because of academic reasons. He had to continue his college degree.

Did Blue’s Clues change their theme song?

The Blue’s Clues song was changed in season 6 by The Goodbye Song.

Where does Blue’s Clues Live?

The Blue’S Clues live in the Blue’s Clues House located at the top of a hill.

Is Josh’s grandma really on Blue’s Clues?

Yes, Josh’s grandmother Lola, who is also the grandaunt of Steve and Joe, is there in Blue’s Clues & You. This was played by  Carolyn Fe.

Blue’s Clues & You (TV Series 2019– ) – IMDb

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