Stranger Things 5: ​​Directors revealed new details

Stranger Things 5: ​​Directors revealed new details

On the occasion of the world day dedicated to the show produced by Netflix, the directors made some revelations about the Stranger Things 5 set in Hawkings. From Eleven to Vecna, here are the first details.

“At that, we expected the story would last four to five seasons, but the plot proved too complex to be narrated in four. As you will see, now we are running towards the grand finale “, concluded the creators of Stranger Things

The TV series streaming on Netflix that made us discover characters today beloved as Millie Bobby Brown (also the protagonist of the two films dedicated to Enola Holmes, whose cast also includes Henry Cavill ), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Noah Schnapp ( Will ), Joe Keery (Steve), Sadie Sink( Max ) and, last but not least, Joseph Quinn who in Stranger Things 4 played the late Eddie Munson, the protagonist of a possible comeback also in the final season.

Stranger Things 5 revelation new details

Although nothing has been leaked at the moment regarding the plot of the Stranger Things 5, whose release date has not been announced, the Duffer Brothers have already revealed that we will see a time jump compared to previous seasons, and this, perhaps, also to meet the age of the protagonists who, having reached the age of 20, seem to be increasingly distant from the period of adolescence.

“Ideally, we would have shot Stranger Things 4 and Stranger Things 5 one after the other, but it wasn’t feasible,” Ross Duffer explained to TV Line, also revealing that the series last season will be set only in Hawkins, which suggests how the town and the Sottosopra have now become one.

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During the interview, the creators of the show also said they want to go back to the roots of Stranger Things 1, especially regarding the series’ favorite characters.

“We want to close the circle,” Matt Duffer told Entertainment Weekly without, however, unbuttoning the meaning of his words which, if desired, could mean that a large part of the cast of Stranger Things 4 will be “eliminated” very quickly during the very first episodes of the fifth season.

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On the occasion of Stranger Things Day 2022 on November 6, the series’ writers also shared an essential clue with fans, revealing the name of the fifth season’s first episode.

The title will be The Crawl, whose translation into Italian could be both “crawl” as well as “crawl” but also “crawl space,” all terms that portend only misfortunes or certainly vicissitudes that the young protagonists will have to face—now surrounded by Vecna, which has crept into every corner of the city.

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