‘Stranger Things’: Vecna the Final Enemy Might Have Been Hidden in Plain Sight

Stranger Things

Vecna ​​probably won’t be the final enemy we see in the final season of Stranger Things, and you’re in for a surprise.

There are many theories regarding what the fifth and final season of Stranger Things will be like, and that is that after the events that occurred in the fourth season , a lot of the script remains open, not only in the future of many of the characters, but also in regards to the villain final.

And while it seems that everyone agrees that Vecna ​​is definitely the final villain to appear in Stranger Things 5, this might not be the case according to the latest theories that have come to light by the user community. .

Stranger Things
Stranger Things | LivNews24

Since the fourth season ended, many users have been obsessed with what could happen in the fifth.

Everything seemed to indicate that Vecna ​​would be the final villain of the series, but now there is a theory on social networks that destroys that option.

‘Stranger Things’ Final Enemy Might Have Been Hidden

According to demi_kujiperss on TikTok, in his new theory he points out that Vecna ​​would not be the final villain of the series since he is not the most powerful enemy in Dungeons & Dragons.

He explains that the most powerful villain in Dungeons & Dragons would actually be Borys , a three-headed red dragon, and that curiously he has already appeared in the fourth season of Stranger Things.

He sure as hell hasn’t done it at all.

In one of the first episodes of Stranger Things 4, Will paints a three-headed red dragon , a detail that the writers could have left there as a nod to the fifth season.

There are still long months of waiting until we have the last season available for Stranger Things, and we’ll see if there are relative surprises regarding the definitive inclusion of new characters or a final change of direction regarding the enemy that closes the Serie.

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