Susanna Griso rejects the yacht and luxury on vacation

Susanna Griso

Susanna Griso changes plans on her vacation

While many celebrities enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Balearic Islands, such as Ibiza or Mallorca, or the most paradisiacal places, such as the Maldives, Susanna Griso has decided to leave luxury at home to make a totally different vacation.

We are about to finish the summer holidays, the famous rush until the last minute.

As of September 5, the children will return to school and normality will be recovered.

All television and radio programs will begin.

The great communicators of the small screen such as Pablo Motos, Alfons Arús, el Gran Wyoming, Ferreras or Susanna Griso at Atresmedia will return to their jobs with a new season of their respective programmes.

The presenter has traveled for a few weeks to Senegal, an African country with which she has declared herself completely in love after enjoying the first hours of sun and receiving the affection of her people.

She has put aside luxury and ostentation to devote herself to the most needy, she has even been unconcerned about her physical appearance.

Susanna Griso | LivNews24

Susanna Griso’s most special trip to Senegal

He has recently arrived and has already shared some images of this trip on his social networks.

She is in love with the landscapes that Senegal gives her.

The views, the beaches, but especially the people of it.

Many of them have stolen a smile from him during these days, especially the little ones.

The journalist has played with them and has let them act as hairdressers.

“On our journey down the river, we came to a beautiful island full of children . As they are on vacation and somewhat idle, they suggest that we all go ‘wash’ (so they call the bathroom) at the river beach. And they insist that I dive in to see my straight hair wet. They love to touch it”

Susanna Griso details the special moment she is experiencing during her first steps in Senegal.

Susanna Griso has traveled a total of 3,000 kilometers to enjoy this unique and magical experience.

An adventure trip to discover another way of living, of understanding and relating to the world.

She wants to live this adventure to the fullest and squeeze every second to feed on her experiences and thus grow as a person.

The presenter still has a couple of weeks left to return to Madrid and prepare for the start of the new season of her program.

However, it is unknown what will happen to her future after the arrival of Sonsoles Ónega to the channel.

Although the slot that she will occupy on the grid is not yet confirmed, it is likely that she will steal the last hour of her program from Griso.

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