T-Mall Flyover: Daring Stunts, Man Walks and Dances on Guard Rails 

T-Mall Flyover

On the T-Mall Flyover unidentified man was seen flippantly puffing away as he balanced precariously on the guardrails. 

A man left cybernauts retaining their breath after he became spotted dangerously on foot and dancing at T-Mall Flyover.

In a viral video on social media, the person is seen performing his stunts. Some netizens insisted he must have been fed up with life.

Buzzroom Kenya’s video was captioned: “Guy noticed doing a peak-stunt at T-Mall flyover along Lang’ata street.”

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The T-Mall flyover is the first steel flyover to be built in Kenya, and the organization engages the offerings of selected nearby sub-contractors inside the execution of work. For this reason, the task will catalyze growth for the neighborhood creation enterprise in Kenya with direct technology and know-how transfer.

Video of a man doing daring stunt on T-Mall Flyover Shared by BuzzroomKenys on Instagram.
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At finishing touch, the 405.8 m long T-Mall flyover is expected to massively enhance the journey time of commuters in Nairobi because traffic along Mbagathi and Maai Mahui road can use the service street beside the flyover without the need for preventing on the junction.

As of January, the main erection work of the flyover was finished, with the undertaking scheduled for large of entirety via July.

The video provoked cybercitizens” reactions; underneath are some of their responses: Eldoret.

Gossip. club wrote: “This one is tired of life.” ,collo_ke01 wrote: “a few humans by no means seriously.” , sharonmueni3 wrote: “Kenya, I love you.”, djprolificjames wrote: “Wuuueeeh.”

Matatu stunts over T-Mall flyover:

Recently, Kenyans were angered after a viral video of matatu touts pulling risky stunts in a speeding vehicle.

The chilling video, shared on Twitter, showed two motors being driven at a supersonic velocity at night; several men have been placing and acting risky stunts on its doorways.

Accident video shared on Twitter

Within the horrifying clip, a few guys were seated on the automobile’s windows while others were put by the door as the cars were speeding.

Greater traumatic, the vehicles had been pushed in broad brush aside for traffic regulations as they moved from one lane to another because the drivers remained unconcerned approximately different road customers. 

The video has exasperated Kenyans who’ve requested involved groups to swing into motion and bring the suspects to book. Wiko said: “fantastic! Very careless. Then the WhatsApp organization could be opened for medical payments or ship-off contributions!”

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