Taylor Swift wanted to have a cameo in Twilight: New Moon, but the director turned it down

Taylor Swift

Despite wanting to participate in the saga by making a cameo in Twilight: New Moon, Taylor Swift ended up being rejected by the director for good reason.

When you are a fan of a series of books and they adapt it to the big screen, you inevitably feel the desire to want to participate in it, even if it is as an extra.

But, of course, unless you have some good contacts, that dream is practically impossible.

Of course, there are times that not even having good contacts can you achieve your goals. And if not tell Taylor Swift , a popular singer who wanted to participate in one of the films of the Twilight saga because she is a big fan of Stephenie Meyer ‘s work .

As Cinema Blend collects , the singer was willing to make a cameo in the movie Twilight: New Moon.

However, her director, Chris Weitz, had to be forced to reject the proposal.

The reason? That Taylor Swift did not outshine her protagonists of her.

Taylor Swift was a big Twi-hard, and Taylor and I had the same agent at the time and he said, “Taylor would like to be in this movie, not because of you , but it’s a Twi-hard! She would be somebody in the coffee shop, or the restaurant or whatever, but she just wants to be in this movie.’The hardest thing for me was thinking about how, at the moment that Taylor Swift walks on the screen, for about five minutes, nobody will be able to process anything. I also kicked myself for it, because I was like, wow, I could have been dating Taylor,” the director explained about why he turned down Taylor’s cameo in Twilight: New Moon .

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | LivNews24

Taylor Swift wanted to have a cameo in Twilight: New Moon, but the director turned it down

Chris Weitz made the difficult decision to turn down Taylor as part of New Moon because he didn’t want audiences to be left out of the story because of her cameo appearance.

And of course he is partially right, since many of the fans of the saga are also followers of the singer, so it is quite likely that the situation happened as the filmmaker has described it.

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