Taylor Swift’s album ‘Midnights’ is out now

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’
Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’

Taylor Swift has released her latest album ‘Midnights’ on October 21. In total, there are 13 songs on the list. “This song is a real guide to all the things I tend to hate about myself; we all hate things about ourselves,” she added.

Essentials in Brief:
-Release of Taylor Swift's new Album 'Midnights'
-Midnights Manifest details
-Track List of the Album
-Stories of the 13 Sleepless Nights behind 13 Tracks

In a post on her social media account, Swift uploaded a video containing her plan starting from the day before the release of ‘Midnights’.

On the week’s sidelines, Swift asked her fans to listen to her latest songs and watch her music videos.

Regarding the upcoming Anti-Hero music video, Taylor Swift previously said the song is one of her favourite songs she has ever written.

“I struggle with the idea that my life is getting out of hand, it doesn’t sound too dark, but I just struggle with the idea of ​​not feeling like someone who feels bad for me; you don’t have to be that way,” she explains.

The surprise isn’t over yet; the second music video from his new album will also be released next week. 

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However, Taylor has not divulged the title of the song.

She named the agenda ‘Meet the Midnights Manifest‘ with the following details:

  • October 20, 2022: 

Teaser trailer video music 

  • October 21, 2022:

Album Midnights rilis

A few hours later, there will be a very chaotic surprise.

Then, the Anti-Hero music video will be released at 08.00 EST or 19.00 WIB.

Taylor will also be holding a challenge titled #TSantiHeroChallenge on YouTube Short.

The Midnights album lyric video released.

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  • October 22, 2022:

Taylor releases exclusive Lavender vinyl edition at Target

  • October 24, 2022:

Taylor had di acara The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

  • October 25, 2022:

The second music video from Midnights album released

  • October 28, 2022:

Taylor attends The Graham Norton Show.

Taylor Swift ‘Midnights’ Songs

“This song is a real guide to all the things I tend to hate about myself; we all hate things about ourselves,” she added.

  1. Lavender Haze

Even though opener “Lavender Haze” incorporates a number of the album’s maximum direct lyrical barbs, “I am damned if I do deliver a rattling what people say,” Swift admits at the chorus “the Fifties s–t they want from me,” those shrug-offs are usually driven via the tune’s problematic, impossible to resist groove. 

  1. Maroon

Distinctive memories steeped in vulnerability, overlooked-danger romance, and emotions evolving alongside the phrases of the chorus, so many of rapid’s songwriting hallmarks show up on “Maroon,” and their effect hasn’t dulled one bit.

Swift’s vocal performance, dashing through phrases however carefully pulling returned for the heaviest realisations, is just as dynamic as the lyric sheet.

  1. Anti-Hero

“It’s me / hi / I am the trouble; it is me.” Swift has said that “self-loathing” partially stimulated hours of darkness, and its excellent track, the wondrously scathing self-examination “Anti-Hero,” is soaking wet in it. 

  1. Snow on The Beach (feat Lana Del Rey)

“Snow on the beach” focuses on disparate natural wonders, “Swift. Nevertheless, f–king stunning,” as speedy places it, so it feels proper that the track pairs the celeb with Lana Del Rey, some other pop genius with a unique songwriting technique. 

  1. You’re on Your Own, Kid

Do not allow the muted beginning and subtle instrumentation fool you: “you’re on your own, kid” snowballs as Swift’s frustrations compound and subsequently attain one of the album’s handiest crescendos.

Kudos to Antonoff and quick for refusing to rush to the payoff right here, providing the music’s first 1/2 with a sense of uncluttered grace before plowing ahead.

  1. Midnight Rain

That pitched-down voice that opens “Midnight Rain” then quickly acts as a name-and-reaction companion through the music.

It belongs to Swift, who warps her attitude to deliver metaphorical context and brutal honesty on the track.

  1. Question….?

It may be brimming with rhetorical inquiries and blurry recollections, but the rollicking song tinkers with Swift’s method to pop in its corners.

Concentrate on how her voice is refracted for the duration of the bridge, as an example, as if there is a whole other multiverse of Swifts begging for identical solutions; there may be additional crowd applause on the track credited to Dylan O’Brien and Rachel Antonoff, among others.

Even supposing “Question…?” doesn’t wholly firm; the way boasts some fascinating tastes to pore over.

  1. Vigilante Shit

Get geared up for “Vigilante Shit” to come to be certainly one of Swift’s all-time fan-preferred tracks, and for an excellent motive: the vengeance assertion, at some stage in which the superstar pursuits at an enemy and helps other women do the identical, is stripped-down in its cutthroat approach, with deep-effervescent beats and synths that swirl round speedy’s proudly deployed venom. 

  1. Bejeweled

A tune like “Bejeweled” takes years of experience to perfect: when quick pronounces, “I will nevertheless make the whole vicinity shimmer,” she sings.

A tale of refusing to settle into early-Thirties ennui, “Bejewelled” zips in conjunction with cause, the plinking synths serving as connective tissue earlier than bursting into sparklers above speedy’s hooks. 

  1. Labyrinth

The prettiest music on dead nights also takes place to be rapid’s most close second at the album: “Labyrinth” is stately and ethereal, with digital traces skittering around speedy’s voice as she fears that she’s falling in love once more.

The “Labyrinth” is one of the few tracks on ‘Midnights’ to repeat its refrain more than one instance as an outro, and it more than earns that slow fade.

  1. Karma

Karma” gives Swift’s full, lively mode on midnights, with shots taken at naysayers and a fascinating wink to her film superstar boyfriend, Joe Alwyn; not each metaphor lands, however, this one can be a blast to sing alongside whenever destiny grants personal victory.

  1. Sweet Nothing

The quiet beauty that marked elements of quick’s Folklore/Evermore technology can be heard in “Sweet Nothing,” an understated ode to the calming presence of dating as the arena seemingly spins out of control. 

  1. Mastermind

Some albums later, “Mastermind” toys with that concept of superstar-crossed romance on “Mastermind,” which she posits that “none of it was unintentional” and that her calculating technique to pop stardom seeped into her love lifestyles as properly.

The Grammy Award’s winner has confirmed her latest music video to be released titled ‘Anti-Hero,’ the song on track number 3.

Joe Alwyn’s lover also gave other surprises, such as his planned presence on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and The Graham Show in England.

After her big announcement in the last edition of the MTV Video Music Awards, the networks have not been able to avoid being aware of each of the movements that Swift made in her relevant online profiles, especially on TikTok, where the American artist was releasing with dropper the titles of some of the cuts that will belong to his tenth album entitled Midnights.


Midnights tracklist reveal!! Introducing: Midnights Mayhem with Me 🌌😎 #TSmidnighTS #SwiftTok #MidnightsMayhemWithMe

♬ Midnights Mayhem episode 1 – Taylor Swift
Tik Tok Video of Taylor Swift Announcing Tracklist of her new album

At the MTV Awards, held at the end of August, Swift announced that the launch of her new work would take place at the end of this year, thereby causing a stir among her large community of followers. 

In turn, she explained to the audience, after receiving on that night a good stack of awards for his video clip, All Too Well, that the theme of Midnights, his tenth LP, will revolve around “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout his life.”

As it did in 2020 with the famous Evermore and Folklore, the announcement of Midnights was contemplated with little notice if we consider that this tenth work will be released imminently, on October 21

And, in case there was any doubt, it will indeed have the great Jack Antonoff again in production, as has become usual. 

However, she is not the only familiar face that will sneak into the credits of her new project because, as we can see with the official publication of the tracklist of the album itself, a surprising and entirely promising collaboration between Taylor and none other than Lana del Rey it will take place under the name Snow on the Beach.

Swift likes to play with her fans, leaving them clues -her well-known Easter Eggs- in each project, photograph, or video she publishes. 

That is why the singer has returned to her old ways to reveal news about her next album De Ella Midnights, which will be released on October 21.

On the occasion of the title of her new work, Medianoches, the artist summoned all her fans on TikTok at that time (6 am in Spain) to announce the title of the first song in the album.

But, she has no longer chosen it (or so she wishes us to agree with) however threatened. 

Through commercials, as if it were a Christmas lottery draw, Swift has drawn masses for which track on the album she will be able to give to us first. 

“It is me. Hello. I recognize I have an addiction to losing scrambled tracks and easter eggs after I provide you with new information about my tune. And I’m not right here to disclaim it. I’m here to venture. Welcome to this new collection I’ve known as Mayhem midnights With Me (midnights of chaos, with me),” his video starts at the same time as an elevator melody plays within the background.

“I will use this high-tech device to assist me in permitting destiny to determine exactly which music I will announce and in what order. In this cage are thirteen ping-pong balls, numbered 1-thirteen. Everyone represents a track in the nighttime album. So allow fate to determine,” she maintains, then does more than one lap and sings bingo: “the primary song I am going to tell you about is 13”, his lucky number (it is already an accident).

Picking up a red telephone, the interpreter announced the first single that we would know: “Song number 13 is called… Mastermind,” and so far, she has been able to read.

A key element: the telephone: Now, one thing is clear: it has reminded us of the bridge of Look What You Made Me Do, which goes as follows: “The old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, because she’s dead.

Could it be that this Midnight’s song talks about one of the darkest episodes she lived -and embodied- in his Reputation era? This album should be re-recorded. 

A theory was reinforced when in the past MTV VMAs, she appeared with an Oscar de La Renta design that undoubtedly, reminded us of one of the scenes of the video clip we have mentioned previously.

Only time, destiny, and Swift will confirm what it is.

Taylor describes his new job this way: “We lie awake in love and fear, confusion and crying. We gaze and drink till they talk back. We squirm in our self-imposed cages and pray that we don’t do-just right now – some fateful, life-altering mistake.”

“This is a set of songs written in the middle of the night, an adventure via terrors and goals. The flooring we roam and the demons we are facing. For all of us who have ventured and twisted and decided to keep the flashlights on and start the search, hoping that the clock will stop at twelve… we’ll meet.”

This album will be released on vinyl in a physical format, with a standard version and three other special editions in different colours. 

Also, the four back covers for a clock face. It is not for nothing that she is one of the fines in her subject; the small and meticulous information also uploads.


Taylor Swift ‘Midnights’ release

 21st October is the release date of Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Album.

Taylor Swift ‘Midnights’ lyrics

Taylor Swift has released Lyrics of her new album ‘Midnights’ and here is the link to ‘Midnights’ Lyrics. Click Here.

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Taylor Swift night near me

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Taylor Swift ‘Midnights’ songs

Here is the list of songs of Taylor Swift ‘Midnights’ Album:

Lavender Haze



Snow on The Beach (feat Lana Del Rey)

You’re on Your Own, Kid

Midnight Rain


Watching Shit




Sweet Nothing


Taylor Swift latest releases:

Midnights’ is the latest released album of Taylor Swift, which was released on 21 October 2022.

How wealthy is Taylor Swift?

$400 Million is the estimated net worth of Taylor Swift.

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