Terelu Campos does not want to work with Alejandra Rubio now

Terelu Campos
30/08/2017 Terelu Campos cumple este 31 de agosto 52 años. La hija mayor de María Teresa Campos celebrará por todo lo alto esta fecha en la que seguro no le faltará el cariño y el calor de todos sus allegados EUROPA ESPAÑA SOCIEDAD TERELU CAMPOS/EUROPA PRESS

Terelu Campos will present the ‘Deluxe’ next Friday

Terelu Campos has been honest about this situation in the magazine Lecturas.

“I am concerned about the employment situation of all my colleagues, and among those colleagues I include my daughter,” said the presenter of ‘Sálvame’.

Many families have been left without work since the end of ‘Viva la vida‘.

With the cancellation of the program, the collaborators have been the main victims.

However, Telecinco is already beginning to relocate them.

We saw José Antonio Avilés in ‘Sálvame’ fulfilling one of his dreams or Suso Álvarez in ‘Ya es midday’.

Another person who has lost his job is Alejandra Rubio.

“The end of ‘Viva la vida’ makes me sad and worried, because it was the only permanent job that Alejandra had .

I worry about all the colleagues for whom the only job they had on television was that.

Behind the team there are families, people with problems, with children, with mortgages”, explained Terelu Campos , showing concern about this situation.

However, it seems that today he would not like Alejandra Rubio to sign for ‘Sálvame’, where his aunt Carmen Borrego and his mother are.

She sees it as too dangerous a place.

” I don’t want to see myself on that stage at the moment. I don’t think she wants to either ,” Campos clarified, making it clear that she is not an option for either of them. “She is focused on her acting studies and that makes me immensely happy,” she also clarified.

Alejandra Rubio
Alejandra Rubio | LivNews24

Terelu Campos will present the ‘Deluxe’ and interview her daughter

Well, now the return of the ‘Deluxe‘ has been confirmed this Friday with important news.

In the absence of the main presenters, Terelu Campos will once again take the reins of the space.

And to her surprise, as the first guest she will have to interview her own daughter.

For the first time Alejandra Rubio will sit on the set of ‘Sálvame’.

“They’ve given a headline that Terelu presents ‘El Deluxe’ again, but a little bird tells me that either it’s punctual and it will only be this Friday or it’s also going to be interspersed with Jorge Javier or Patiño. I am not sure about this point. It is a slap to Patiño on his birthday ”, Diego Arrabal has said on his YouTube channel.

“Terelu will present the Deluxe, Patiño is going to get some fresh air… But do you know which is the first interview that is 99.9% closed, is everything ok? The only thing missing is the signature that I think will be produced this Wednesday… It is his daughter, Alejandra Rubio, ”Arrabal explained exclusively.

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