Terelu Campos: Stupor with the photo in “bikini?” 

Terelu Campos

Terelu Campos poses “spectacular” with a somewhat special swimsuit

Terelu Campos had to interrupt his vacation in Malaga early .

The Telecinco collaborator went with her mother to the Andalusian city to spend a few days, as they had been doing every year.

And although, unlike other years, they did not plan to stay for the entire month of August, her stay was shorter than expected.

However, she had time to offer an exclusive to the magazine Lecturas with posing included.

It was on July 24 when María Teresa Campos headed to Malaga with her eldest daughter, Terelu Campos .

María Teresa Campos
María Teresa Campos | LivNews24

A destination where they used to spend the entire month of August in previous years, but where they planned to spend less time this year.

What Terelu did not expect is that her mother wanted to return early.

María Terelu and María Teresa Campos interrupt their holidays in Malaga

They did not plan to be all month.

But María Teresa felt uncomfortable and decided to pack early.

Terelu herself explained it on her blog that she writes for the magazine Lecturas.

‘It makes me sad that my mother does not enjoy the holidays in Malaga’, she titled the talk show host of ‘ Sálvame’ in an entry in which she recounted how her short stay in Malaga had been .

“Last year I already told you and this year, unfortunately, I have to repeat it to you.

It makes me very sad because I don’t see that my mother enjoys here.

I do not know the reason, but there are times when I think that something must happen to her with this house, ” Terelu Campos wrote .

“It is true that when people reach an age, we do not always like everyone to get out of our routine, and I think my mother is the least liked,” she added.

“As I write these lines, I have very few hours left to return to Madrid with my mother. Going back together on the AVE is quite an adventure. I hope that our arrival in Madrid is calm and happy”, concluded the journalist.

Terelu Campos poses “spectacular” in “bikini?”

Even so, despite the fact that they were only a few days, Terelu Campos had time to offer an exclusive interview for the magazine Lecturas.

At least judging by the photo that the magazine published on the cover, in which the eldest of the Campos posed in a bathing suit, which suggests that it was taken during her vacation in Malaga .

A snapshot that has attracted more attention than the interview itself, from which the media highlights something that we already knew and that is beginning to be a bit repetitive: that he does not plan to forgive Pipi Estrada a single euro .

Because as the headline in Readings says, Terelu is “spectacular”.

And it is true that he sports an excellent physique.

Although that “in a bikini” has caused astonishment, because he has little of a bikini in the garment that he wears.

And it is that being realistic, what she is wearing is not exactly a bikini, but pants.

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