The creators of Cobra Kai announce their next project: Still they’ll continue betting on nostalgia

Cobra Kai

The film Cobra Kai is about a student who decides to take the day off instead of going to school is one of the great John Hughes classics.

As the creators of the Cobra Kai series have already tasted the joys of bringing back one of the greatest hits of the 80s to turn it into a great hit of the 2000s, they have already set out to review some of the best films of that decade unforgettable and turn them into new products that attract nostalgia.

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If it was Karate Kid first , now it’s the immortal classic All in one day, which the creators of Cobra Kai have rescued to make a spin-off movie that Paramount Pictures has already given the green light to.

As Collider reports , the new film will focus on the two thieves who steal Cameron‘s father’s Ferrari for a ride.

The creators of Cobra Kai announce their next project

Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossbergy, Josh Heald and Bill Posley, creators of the Cobra Kai series , will be in charge of writing the script for this spin-off of the John Hughes film that marked an entire generation of young people from the 80s and which serves as the perfect reference for when one wants to tour the city of Chicago.

Cobra Kai | LivNews24

Starring Matthew Broderick, All in a Day tells the story of Ferris Bueller, a young American who decides that life is too short to waste it in high school and takes a day off from his student obligations.

Borrowing the Ferrari of his best friend’s father, he takes him and his girlfriend to Chicago for the day.

Despite the simplicity of its plot, All in a Day is one of the great classics of 80s cinema thanks to its light-hearted humor and unforgettable scenes such as the musical moment in which its protagonist sings the Beatles song Twist and Shout .

Another of the great successes of director and screenwriter John Hughes who gave us unforgettable titles such as The Five Five Club, Home Alone , The Little One Goes Out or The European Vacations of a Wacky American Family.

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