The Crown 5: Everything you need to know for an epic season

The Crown 5
The Crown 5

The plot, the promotional poster, the release date, and the previews of the penultimate season of the series on the British royal family written by Peter Morgan for Netflix

With a new promotional poster, the production of The Crown and Netflix have rekindled the spotlight – as if it were needed – on the The Crown 5 streaming from November 9 on the platform.

Instagram Post of The Crown 5 from Official Account of thecrownnetflix

The iconography of the poster of The Crown reminds us of a universe whose balance is falling apart, with cracks visible on the surface: it does not take an accurate analysis of the text to connect the time of the narration, which will end in 1997, the year of the death of Diana Spencer, and will ride some of the most complicated periods for Queen Elizabeth‘s family, including that 1992 defined by the sovereign annus horribilis, to the fictional script written by Peter Morgan and his team.

To prepare for the vision of what is now considered a real television event, we have collected news, previews, photos, and spoilers on The Crown 5 and the last season, which will be released in 2024.

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In the days following the queen’s death, the production of the sixth season was paused as a sign of mourning.

Still, it was resumed to guarantee the release two years after the fifth chapter and not to block the organizational machinery of such a mammoth and awaited series.

There is a lot of anticipation to find out what the on-screen rendering of the new cast will be called to play Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Diana Spencer, and Prince Charles, among others.

Imelda Staunton talking about The Crown 5 at thecrownnetflix

The chosen ones are Imelda Staunton, Jonathan Pryce, Elizabeth Debicki, and Dominic West, as the four main protagonists.

The Crown 5 and the most tiring years for the Queen

The poster of The Crown 5 anticipates the chapter’s mood coming in streaming in November, which will tell in particular the most tiring years for the queen and her family.

In particular, it will be 1992, the year of the fire at Windsor Castle and in which the separations of Charles and Diana, Prince Andrew with Sarah Ferguson, and the Royal Princess Anna from her first husband Mark Phillips were formalized to be the heart of the storytelling.

As in season 4, with Diana played by Emma, the torments will also be recounted in the following chapter, with the infamous interview with the BBC’s Martin Bashir taking center stage.

Recently the network ended up at the center of controversy after admitting that the interview was extorted with deception and manipulation from a fragile and frightened Diana: in theory, she promised not to broadcast more frames of that video; in practice, we have it we reviewed pieces of it in the HBO documentary The Princess and will watch it again directed in The Crown 5.

Five spinoffs of The Crown

Like Game of Thrones, now on screen with the prequel House of The Dragon, or Bridgerton, which will arrive in 2023 with a prequel on Queen Charlotte, the Crown is also thinking of a series of parallel projects to tell other stories.

Then the central ones in the original show. We are discussing, to be exact, five spinoffs of The Crown, which should resume as many important moments and characters in the history of the Windsor dynasty.

In the sixth season, there will also be William and Kate.

The heir to the throne will have two faces, one younger, the other more mature: Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey have been chosen (for the role of the seventeen-year-old and then twenty-one-year-old prince) and Meg Bellamy for that of Kate.

Queen’s daughter-in-law, Countess Sophie Wessex, had already told it in the past in an interview in which she confirmed that the sovereign watched the series on Sunday evening. However, she did not appreciate some narrative flights that are not very truthful (and if you don’t know, whoever should).

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The thirty royals who inspired the characters of The Crown

Not only Queen Elizabeth, Diana, Sarah Ferguson, and Charles: around the main protagonists of The Crown, revolve a myriad of secondary shoulders, which have also been and will be fundamental not only in the narrative but in the history of the Windsor family. We have collected them all in this royal fresco.

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