The Crown: Documentary now has been postponed to 2023

The crown: Harry and Meghan
Harry and Meghan

The upper floors of the company wanted to release the docu-series immediately after The Crown 5, in November 9th. But Harry and Meghan intends to review its contents, perhaps to “minimize some passages, especially those about the father and brother of the prince.”

Between the dukes of Sussex Harry and Meghan and Netflix, the streaming giant with which the couple signed a multimillion-dollar contract in 2020, there seems to be no more harmony than it once was.

The reason, once again, is the docu-reality about their life and their work that the prince and his wife have been working on for months, ready to be released next December, coinciding with the arrival in the bookstores of the written biography by Harry.

But the death of Queen Elizabeth on 8 September last, he messed up several plans, not least the Sussex professional ones.

And, a few days after the disappearance of his grandmother, the prince had made it known, through a spokesperson, that the release of his book would be postponed to 2023.

The Crown: To be released in November, will release in 2023

Widely advertised by the publishing house, Penguin Random House, the book on the life of Prince Harry will slip out of respect for his grandmother, so the official sources say: but some confirm that the son of Diana Spencer and Carlo, who since 2020 lived in America as a private citizen with his wife Meghan and children Archie and Lilibet, wants to put his hand to the final chapters to include in the narrative also the difficult days spent in London in the period of mourning for Elizabeth, in which family conflicts with his father, now King Charles III and his brother William, who became Prince of Wales, became even more embittered if possible.

The same fate, reports Page Six, will be shared with the highly contested documentary coming to Netflix (which, moreover, has not yet officially announced the show, perhaps to increase the hype even more): the Sussex would like to put their hand to the script, while the top management seems to have grown tired of the uncertainty linked to the projects of Harry and Meghan, who in two years have not yet produced anything for the platform, net of Pearl, the animated series of the Duchess which was canceled in the bud for reasons budget.

For her part, Meghan Markle, in the exclusive interview with The Cut before the queen’s death, had confirmed between the lines that the Netflix documentary, whose cameras have followed the couple in the last two years between work and private life, is not just a cauldron of gossip but a timely account of their life away from the royal family.

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At court, according to sources close to the princes of Wales, no one trusts Prince Harry more: William chose not to see his brother, during his recent stay in the United Kingdom, to avoid feeding Netflix new intimate material and private; the press office of the palazzo trembles as it waits for the biography and documentary to finally come to light.

Netflix, meanwhile, insists that the show arrives on the screens immediately after the highly acclaimed release of the series which, about the British royal family, tells torments and secrets.

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