The House of the Dragon makes our mouths ”fire” with its new HBO Max promo

The House of the Dragon

Next Monday, August 22, the prequel to Game of Thrones, The House of the Dragon, premieres exclusively on HBO Max. And it brings its new and spectacular promo.

Game of Thrones is considered one of the great series in the history of television.

With the denouement back in 2019, HBO confirmed that more products based on A Song of Ice and Fire , the work of George RR Martin, would be coming.

And here we have the first. The House of the Dragon is a prequel set hundreds of years before Game of Thrones , and based on the play Fire and Blood.

All Game of Thrones fans are dying to know more about the Targaryens , known for their affiliation with dragons and for star characters like Daenerys.

Its premiere will take place on August 22 on HBO Max… and here’s a new promo .

You are speechless, right? It is not for less, because the same promo says that ” the fire will reign “.

You may not understand what the reference is about, but we will explain it to you.

The House of the Dragon will not be fighting and dragons, but much more.

It will tell how two factions of the Targaryens face each other , with the aim of achieving the reign of the house… and the coveted Iron Throne.

The House of Dragon
The House of the Dragon | livnews24

The House of the Dragon-

In the promo we can see different scenes of the series.

Of course, the dragons are the stars of the show, showing great visual advances compared to what was seen in Game of Thrones.

In case you are curious, the first reviews of The House of the Dragon speak a lot (and above all very well) of the series.

They assure that it is ”a worthy successor to Game of Thrones” .

As you already know, the series will, in principle, have a single season made up of 10 chapters .

Each one is scheduled to be released every week, so we already have a rough idea of ​​when it will end .

Related to the series, actor Matt Smith (who plays Daemon) revealed that there will be too many sex scenes , although less explicit violence than in Game of Thrones.

The House of the Dragon is the new fashion series on HBO Max, and that has not yet been released.

Prepare your swords, because next Monday, August 22, you will be able to see the first chapter of this promising prequel… which will surely bring us some surprises.

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