“The Lady In Yellow”: Angela Lansbury died at 96

Angela Lansbury
Angela Lansbury died at 96

The actress Angela Lansbury passed away in her sleep just days before her 97th birthday.

The actress Angela who became famous worldwide for her role as Jessica Fletcher in the TV series “The Lady in Yellow” passed away in her sleep in her Los Angeles home on Tuesday, October 11, five days before her 97th birthday.

The news of Lansbury’s death was given by the star’s family who, to People, issued a statement communicating the disappearance of the woman who, in about 70 years of honorable career, has been nominated for three Oscars, has won seven Tony Awards and was nominated 12 times for an Emmy for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the role of Mrs. Fletcher, who has now entered the hearts of all of us.

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“Dame Angela Lansbury‘s children are sad to announce that their mother died peacefully in her sleep at home in Los Angeles at 1:30 am today, Tuesday, October 11, 2022″, reads the statement released by the artist’s family ( whose real name was Angela Brigid Lansbury), whose career has been studded with successes and great performances.

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Plays performed by Angela Lansbury

In fact, from 1944 to today, Angela Lansbury has not only starred in the cult show “The Lady in Yellow” (whose first season aired in 1984) but has also taken part in numerous films such as the Disney film Brass Knobs and Broomsticks, Murder on the Nile and Mary Poppins Returns.

In addition to having acted in dozens and dozens of series such as Law & Order and Little Women, Angela has also voiced some of the most beloved characters in animated films such as the sweet Mrs. Bric from Beauty and the Beast – The beauty and the Beast, Empress Maria of Anastasia and Mayor McGerkle from “The Grinch” of 2018.

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