“The Loneliest”: New single from Maneskin, is out

New single from Maneskin
New single from Maneskin "The Loneliest"

The Maneskin is back with the new single “The Loneliest”, after making us jump, shout and have fun with songs like “Supermodel, “Shut up and good,” and “Mamma mia”

After the successes of “Supermodel,” “Mammamia,” and “Zitti e Buona,” the band led by Damiano David is preparing for the umpteenth triumph.

“You will be the saddest part of me / A part of me that will never be mine, of course / Tonight will be the most alone,” sings Damiano David, leader of the Maneskin, in the lyrics of The Loneliest.”

The highly anticipated song, and already listened to today, represents an apparent change of pace compared to the latest songs published by the band born in X Factor, which, after the victory in Sanremo and Eurovision in 2021, has become one of the most known and appreciated rock groups in the world.

New single from Maneskin “The Loneliest”

The Loneliest ” (whose music video seems to have been shot in Desio, Brianza, in the splendid setting of Villa Tittoni ) is a sweet, deep, and romantic ballad that winks at the introspective world of ” Coraline “but with a heartbreaking and melancholy vein that strikes, just like Damiano’s voice which, once again, proves to be an excellent singer capable of transmitting contrasting emotions with extreme ease.

For the launch of the song, the Maneskin, in the past few hours, have organized a surprise event at the Underworld in Camden Town in London, on the stage of which the Roman quartet played for the first time their new song which, from today onwards, will enter to be officially part of the repertoire of the band composed by Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Ethan Torchio, and Thomas Raggi.

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While waiting to find out what the fate of ” The Loneliest ” will be, the Maneskin are preparing to fly to America for some concerts, then return to Europe towards the end of the year with their already highly acclaimed Loud Kids World Tour.

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