The Maneskin ignited Rock In Rio with extraordinary show 2022


The Maneskin performed at Rock in Rio, Brazil, began their South American tour by sharing the stage with Guns n ‘Roses.

The Maneskin performed at Rock in Rio, Brazil, giving life to an extraordinary show in front of a crowd that demonstrates not only how far Damiano David and his companions have come in a year but also the natural ability of the Roman quartet always to catalyze the attention of all present.

During the performance, the band born in X Factor, which performed in the hugely popular festival just before Guns N’ Roses, brought their songs in English as well as those in Italian to the Rock In Rio stage, in front of which the public went crazy, also going into raptures with the cover of the Queen song “Love of my life“.

The Maneskins at Rock In Rio

“Will kill us for this, but we don’t care,” joked Damiano of Maneskins before paying homage to the English band led by Freddie Mercury.

During live, the group composed of Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, Ethan Torchio and Damiano David performed on the notes of his most famous songs, passing from “Zitti e Buona” to “Beggin‘ “, and then to “I wanna be your slave” and the new single “Supermodel“, today also at the top in the US charts.

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We have a present for you. This song was not in the lineup, but you have asked for it so many times that we will sing it“, said Damiano before singing “Coraline“, a song that has now become a real rarity in the recent live shows of the band, which with its live at Rock in Rio 2022 he conquered Brazil with his warmth, his energy and the style that has always distinguished the bar, already loved at the time of X Factor.

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